You’ve finally decided to jump into the trucking industry. No doubt about it, the trucking business can give you freedom of the road and can be very profitable. However, “drowning” in this industry is not inevitable. Things can get really confusing and complicated. Especially if you are just starting. But you can make it. It’s just a matter of working hard, taking the right steps and having the ideal support system. That’s why we are here to keep you informed about all the critical aspects of the trucking business.

For your small startup to grow into a dominant entity in this trucking industry, it’s imperative that you have a thorough understanding of IRP and other federal regulations like IFTA.

What is IRP in West Virginia?

By definition, the International Registration Plan is an agreement for the registration of commercial motor vehicles that travel in 48 United States and several provinces in Canada. It’s designed to distribute apportioned taxes (registration fees) depending on the mileage driven in the participating jurisdictions.

The program’s fundamental principle is to promote and encourage maximum use of the highway system. The best bit about the plan is, you’re allowed to legally engage in interstate business with only the cab card and the plate issued at IRP office in West Virginia.

West Virginia IRP Registration

The state of West Virginia often issues two IRP plates each bearing identical registration number. These are what you attach to the front and back of your registered motor carrier. To qualify for IRP registration in West Virginia, however, your vehicle must;

  • Exceed 26,000 pounds GVW
  • Be a power unit and trailer with a combined GVW of more than 26,000 pounds
  • Have a minimum of three axles, regardless of weight

What Vehicles are Exempt From IRP Registration?

Buses used for chartered parties and trucks or truck tractors operating intrastate miles only do not have to register for IRP. As a registrant, however, still can if you please. Government-owned vehicles, recreational vehicles (used for personal travel or pleasure), vehicles displaying restricted plates, SUVs, and passenger vans are also exempt from this program.

IRP West Virginia Renewal

In West Virginia, IRP credentials are renewed every year. Your renewal application form must be completed, signed and returned on time. Failure or late renewal may attract fines and penalties in all member jurisdictions traveled. Be sure to retain a copy of the IRP renewal with your changes for record purposes. Clear and accurate record keeping is vital. It helps you prepare for possible audits in the future and make fair assessment and distribution of IRP registration fees.

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