Are you going to launch your business as a professional trucker soon? You might probably be wondering about IRP and how it applies to your vehicles. So, what is IRP?

The International Registration Plan is an efficient way of collecting and distributing highway use taxes. The plan first came into effect in1996 between the United States and Canada as a reciprocal agreement which allows the apportioned fees to be collected by each jurisdiction your vehicles pass through.

The plan makes fee collection easier, as the drivers don’t have to pay fees individually to each state. Rather, you would register at your base state, and the rest will be taken care of by them. Let’s learn a bit more about South Dakota IRP information and details.

South Dakota IRP Registration

If you are a new registrant, the licensing process for the new application consists of certain steps as listed below:

  • Complete the IRP application and submit it along with forms such as;

  • Agreement To Maintain Records;
  • Ownership Information Form;
  • MCS 150 Form, or US DOT Number Application;
  • Estimated Mileage Justification Form, or Estimated Mileage Statement;
  • Power of Attorney (Only if applicable);
  • And, Proof of Residency – Proof of residency can be anything like a copy of the phone bill in the address listed, proof of payment of real estate taxes, a copy of the property’s rental contract, or a proof of insurance on the real estate property.

After you submit the application, the IRP office will calculate the cost of your license and send a bill your way. You will then have to return the top portion of the bill received along with the payment made payable to the billing Dakota Department of Revenue. Penalties and interests will be charged to all the payments received after 30 days from when the bill was issued.

Once your application gets approved, you will be given the apportioned IRP plate and a cab card for each vehicle. The IRP fees vary according to the jurisdictions, the weight of the vehicle and miles in each jurisdiction.

Renewing Your South Dakota IRP Plate

IRP registrations always remain valid for a year. 30-45 days prior to your expiry date, your base jurisdiction will send a notice your way with all the information required to guide you through the process of getting your South Dakota IRP plate renewed.

After you receive the renewal notice, ensure to make the payment at least 20 days prior to the expiry date of your current registration. In case, you find it hard to keep up with the numbers, payments, paperwork, and deadlines, why not listen to the solution we would like to offer. If you have read till here, take a couple more minutes read about how TruckingOffice can save you from the hassle of IRP registration, renewals, and more.

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