What is Arkansas IRP? The states banded together to solve the problem of visiting trucks not paying their fair share to keep their state’s roads maintained. Their solution to this problem is the IRP.  IRP is short for the international registration plan. In brief, the IRP is a required license for a truck to cross state lines and enter into another state.

It’s necessarily a tax that is charged to the trucking company and then later divided to each participating state. The IRP even works with a few provinces in Canada too. So instead of paying a tax in each state separately or entering into a negation with each state, you deal with the IR. The rest is taken care of. States can then use this money collected from their portion of the IRP to provide road maintenance.

What is IRP Arkansas?

There are only so many truck deliveries that your company can do within the state of Arkansas. If you’re looking to expand your business and transfer deliveries outside of Arkansas you will be going across state lines. In your home state of Arkansas, your business pays taxes. The Arkansas State government then uses a portion this money to fix its roads to make sure that they are safe for drivers.

When heavy semi trucks drive outside of Arkansas to a neighboring state, the semi-truck wears down the road due to its weight. The neighboring state doesn’t have a way to collect business taxes from the truck because it does not have a registered business in that state. As a result, the neighboring state doesn’t have money to repair the roads. Instead of banning semi trucks from out of state, the states have banded together to create an innovative solution to this problem.

This article will explore what an IRP is and how it solves this problem, the Arkansas IRP registration requirements, the Arkansas IRP renewal process, and ways that TruckingOffice will make your life easier.

Arkansas IRP Registration

The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration oversees the IRP process, and you’ll need to send in your IRP application to them. You can find the department’s contact information and office locations here. There is going to be quite a few verification forms that the department will want you to fill out to establish that you own trucking business in Arkansas. The department may also ask for a full list of employees that work for your company and the routes that they plan on traveling.

IRP Arkansas Renewal

The license is only valid for a certain amount of time, and it will expire upon a specific date. When you’re renewal month emerges you can reapply for your IRP.

Usually, the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration will want to review records that you kept during this period for verification purposes. Which is why it is crucial that you have some record keeping system so that you can provide documents upon request.

Ways TruckingOffice Will Make Your Life Easier

TruckingOffice is a trucking management software designed to help trucking companies stay organized. A key feature of TruckingOffice is FileSafe™. This feature enables you to create a digital copy of all of your physical paper copies by scanning them into your computer and stores them safely in the cloud. So there should be no worries if you accidentally misplace an important document or spill coffee on it, it’s all backed up in FileSafe™.

In addition to features that make your business run more efficiently, TruckingOffice also has customer service support to help you understand how to use the software. You can speak with a TruckingOffice expert over the phone, via email, and through a live chat system.