IRP is a shortened phrase for; the International Registration Plan. An IRP is issued by a state’s government transportation department that allows trucks to pass out of its state’s border and into another state or Canadian providence. The IRP acts as a tax of sorts and is paid by the trucking company and distributed to multiple different government bodies. The government can then use these funds to fix their roads so that they maintain safe driving conditions for all drivers.

Registration requirements vary significantly from state to state. In the next section is a brief breakdown of how someone can register for an IRP in the state of California.

California is the most populated state in the U.S. and home to big cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego. This massive population means that there is a large market for businesses as well as plenty of competition. Trucking companies within the state may be looking elsewhere for their next profit. Despite this massive population size and economic possibilities, shipping companies and other business may want to expand to other states.

In order to send trucks to other states, you’ll have to obtain an IRP and have excellent record keeping and organizational skills. Here is more information on what an IRP is, California’s IRP registration requirements, California’s IRP renewal, and how TruckingOffice can help.

California IRP Registration

The state of California’s Department of Motor Vehicles regulates the IRP registration process. It would be wise for you to reach out to this department for all requirements for the IRP registration process. You can contact the department offices here. There will be multiple verification steps in which you will have to verify certain aspects of your business and agree to certain contracts such as keeping records.

IRP California Renewal

After a designated period of time, you will have to re-register or renew your IRP. The renewal processes are usually more straightforward than the initial IRP filing. This is why record keeping comes in handy because generally during the renewal process certain documents will be requested or verified by California’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

Failure to produce these articles in a timely fashion may result in a lapse in your IRP which may be potentially damaging to your business. For specific questions on this topic, please contact

Ways TruckingOffice Will Make Your Life Easier

TruckingOffice is a trucking management software that can help manage your truck business to make IRP renewals easier. Truck tracking software is a great record keeping feature that can make sure your records are organized when it comes to file for taxes or IRP renewals. In addition, the feature will also remind you when your IRP is expiring. This will give you enough notice to gather together the proper paperwork, submit a form, and hear back before the IRP lapses. In addition, another useful accounting feature that is useful is correct auto calculations of certain payments.

This is a breakthrough for a trucking company because you’ll never have to guess or pay the incorrect amount ever again. The trucking account software included can get you an overall consensus of how your company is performing financially at any moment. All of these features are useful to anyone that runs a trucking business. To see a full list of Trucking Office features click here.