IRP Pennsylvania Information

Pennsylvania is a great choice as the base state for professional motor carriers.  Driving through the rolling hills, valleys, and plateaus will be time well spent. You must be excited and ready to get behind the wheel.  But, first, you’ll need to apply for a few permits. Including an IRP apportioned plate. The following information should help you get started on your exciting new business.

Most new truckers ask “What is IRP, and how does it apply to my operation?”  The IRP, meaning International Registration Plan Inc, is a reciprocity agreement between the US, District of Columbia. And some Canadian Provinces.  IRP registrants are allowed to travel among member jurisdictions. Without needing an IRP plate for each state. The fees are collected and distributed by your base state.

IRP Pennsylvania Registration

Applying for an IRP plate involves several steps.  You must determine whether you need a USDOT number and HVUT permit.  Also, all truckers are required to register with the IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement).  A list of USDOT, HVUT, and other requirements are in the Pennsylvania DMV website.  You’ll also find instructions for methods of payments and where to mail them.

Next, you want to determine whether your vehicles qualify for an IRP plate. A qualifying vehicle is one that is primarily for transporting people or property across state lines.  The power unit must be one that has 2 axles with a GVW of 25,000 pounds or more. Or, has 3 axles regardless of GVW. Or is used in combination with a combined GVW that exceeds 26,000 pounds.

You are also required to show proof of an established business in the state.  The business must be a physical structure with a listed phone number and street address. One that is open during regular business hours.  All operational records must be available on site.

Renewing Your IRP Pennsylvania Plate

Before you know it, a year will have passed and it’s time to renew your Pennsylvania IRP plate.  Pennsylvania IRP office will notify you of the upcoming revival in February. The notification packet will contain instructions and information to help you with the IRP renewal process.  

You’ll need a record of all miles traveled in each jurisdiction on your route.  Plus, you must be current with all IFTA quarterly taxes and IRP fees before applying for the renewal.  In Pennsylvania, all IRP renewals need to be completed by May 31. If you do not receive the renewal notification, you will not be given an extension.  You’ll need to contact PennDOT and request a new invoice and application. Remember, you will incur fines and penalties if you operate the vehicle without valid credentials.

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How TruckingOffice Can Help

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