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As a professional trucker, you’ll need to understand the International Registration Plan and how it affects your operation.  At TruckingOffice, we understand how frustrating and confusing it can be trying to keep up with all the forms and deadlines. For that reason, we will go over some of the main points here to help you get started with your IRP reporting.

What is IRP for Trucking?

What is IRP?  It is a reciprocity agreement between the US and Canada that allows for payments of apportionable fees based on the number of miles you travel in each jurisdiction. As with the IFTA, if you don’t comply with quarterly payments, you could face some hefty penalties.  These payments are due in addition to the IFTA fuel taxes you pay each quarter. IRP meaning: International Registration Plan.

IRP Registration Forms – What You Need

An IRP and IFTA account are required for vehicles that travel across state lines, and that exceed 26,000 pounds gross vehicle weight or have 3 or more axles.  An apportioned vehicle is one that is intended for transporting persons or property within the US and Canadian jurisdictions,

Your base jurisdiction is the state where your vehicle is registered.  You must have an established place of business in the jurisdiction with a street address, listed telephone number, and names of the persons conducting business at the location.  Also, all operational records must be maintained and available in the jurisdiction.

The first step in registering as a motor carrier is to obtain a USDOT number.   The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration uses this number to identify you and your vehicles. Next, you’ll need to receive authorization from the FMCSA to haul goods across state lines.  You’ll also need to be registered with the IFTA for reporting fuel use taxes.

To apply for an IRP registration, you’ll need to complete the following forms.  The forms can be obtained at the DMV or by contacting your base jurisdiction or local IRP office.  

  • New accounts:  Schedule A/E and Schedule B
  • Changes to an existing account:  Schedule C
  • Adding jurisdictions:  Schedule F

It’s important to remember that an IRP registration does not exempt you from town or city permit fees.

IRP fees vary depending on the jurisdictions where you traveled, the weight of the vehicle, etc.  Fees are determined by multiplying the percentage of miles traveled in each IRP jurisdiction by the jurisdiction’s registration fees.  

Once your IRP and IFTA accounts are set up, you receive the Apportioned License Plate for the power unit plus an Apportioned Cab Card. The card lists the jurisdictions you are registered to operate in.  Place this decal on the lower right corner of the front registration plate. On tractor-trailer combinations, a decal will be issued for each approved trailer and should be displayed on the lower right corner of the trailer plate.  

You’ll also receive the IFTA decals and license.  The IFTA stickers must be displayed on each side of the cab’s exterior, and the license must be kept inside the cab at all times.

IRP Renewal – Renewing Your IRP Plate

In order to renew your IRP plate, you must keep track of all miles traveled in each jurisdiction.  The state your vehicle is registered in will determine the deadline for reporting the mileage. The date is shown on your IRP card, which should be in your cab at all times.  

About three months before your renewal is due, you’ll receive a renewal notice.  The notice will include all information about mileage reporting, penalty information, and renewal schedules.  Some of the items you’ll need for renewing your plate include:

  • Schedule B – Revenue International Registration Plan.
  • Form 2290 – Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return.
  • Copy of processed title or application for title if ownership has changed.
  • Federal Schedule 1 – For any vehicle registered at 55,000 pounds or more.
  • A copy of valid Authority Lease Agreement if you aren’t the Motor Carrier Responsible for Safety.

In most states, you can process your renewal online and print credentials needed.  Renewals must be received 30 days prior to the payment due date. For instance, if your registration date was January, your deadline for submitting the renewal is November 15th. and the IRP payment due date is December 15th  Penalties will apply to any renewal payment paid after the due date.

How to Get Apportioned Plates

Getting apportioned plates usually broken down state-by-state. Visit our IRP by state pages to go over the specific specifications for getting an apportioned plate locally. Websites like also have information about how to do this. Search: international registration plan DMV.

Between the IRP, IFTA, and DOT, you will be required to remember a lot of deadlines and rules and regulations.  Not to mention the abundance of paperwork they require. Your time is valuable and the long hours on the road leave you with limited time to spend on record-keeping.  

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How TruckingOffice Can Help with IRP

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