IRP Prince Edward Island

You have bought your first truck and have obtained IFTA decals. You are now ready to conquer the trucking world. Like every other newbie, you face the stressful task of navigating through the uncertainties. These include all the jurisdictional laws and regulations involved. But you don’t have to! Obtaining IRP credentials will give the confidence to travel wherever your business takes you.

What is IRP?

IRP is a vehicle registration agreement between the states within the U.S. and several provinces within Canada. It allows trucking companies to operate in different states/provinces. Specifically, to do so without having to register in each jurisdiction. What’s even better? It helps you to avoid hefty fines for traveling intra-jurisdictionally. Without appropriate registration.

IRP Prince Edward Island (PEI) Registration

Want to qualify to use Prince Edward Island as your base province? You need to have an established place of business or show proof of residency within the province. After that, you’ll need to register your motor vehicle under IRP through the Prince Edward Island Highway Safety. Vehicles that can register under this plan include those that:

  • Have more than 11,794 kgs
  • Power units with a minimum of three axles, regardless of weight
  • Travel in at least two member jurisdictions

Exempted from this category include:

  • Government-owned vehicles.
  • Buses used in the transportation of chartered parties
  • Vehicles displaying restricted plates
  • City pick-up and delivery vehicles
  • Recreation vehicles

Prince Edward Island IRP Fees

All apportioned vehicles based in Prince Edward Island are subject to:

  • registration fees
  • administration fees
  • annual multijurisdictional vehicle tax

Vehicle specs, total distance traveled, and registered gross vehicle weight are some of the factors that determine IRP fees.

IRP Renewal

Every PEI based carrier will receive the IRP renewal package 30 days prior to expiration. To renew your account? You’ll need to complete both the Prorate Vehicle Application(s) and Prorate Fleet Application forms. The completed documents should be returned the soonest possible to avoid processing delays.

You will then be invoiced and asked to bring the original paperwork and valid insurance together with the payment. Upon successful processing, you will get the renewal cab card that displays all 59 jurisdictions alongside the provided weights.

Supplemental Applications

The good thing about Prince Edward Island IRP? You can add, delete, or replace a vehicle even after you have filed and paid for the original/renewal. This can be done at any time during the registration year. Just submit supplemental applications on the Prorate Vehicle Application Forms.

To Add or Replace a Vehicle

When adding or replacing a vehicle, the distance information provided with your initial application is used to calculate the fees due.

To Delete or Change Vehicle Information

When altering vehicle information, acceptable changes may include correction of vehicle type, removing a vehicle, updating weight, or a revision to the taxable owner information. If you are increasing the gross vehicle weight, for instance, you will be billed for any difference in registration fees. Similarly, you’ll get a portion of the registration fees refunded if you delete and surrender the IRP license plates or reduce the gross weight of your vehicle.

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