Mountains of paperwork, filling out forms, analyzing data and waiting for a response is just a part of the job for someone managing a trucking business. Business owners, fleet builders, and other operational staff members will find that there is a lot of red tape to navigate through. And, this is just to get your trucking business running smoothly. The government has its objective to keep us safe and organized. When it comes to trucking, the government has come up with a creative solution to maximize efficiency. And, to make sure that everyone is paying their fair share. This article will explore IRP, how to register for IRP in Alabama, the IRP renewal process. It will also provide ways that TruckingOffice software will make your life easier.

Alabama IRP Registration

What is IRP? IRP is an abbreviation for; International Registration Plan, a term often used by truck drivers that operate in multiple U.S. states or Canadian Provinces and need a specific type of identification. States or provinces will come together and create an agreement on the kinds of fees that it will charge a truck passing through its state. The fee charged is essentially a tax for semi trucks to use a state or providence roads.

A trucking company will need to register their vehicle in their home state. The registration requirements differ from state to state. Below is a breakdown of the IRP registration requirements for the state of Alabama.

Renewing Your IRP Plate

It is advised that a company seeking to register for IRP in Alabama. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to the Tag Registration Website for Alabama eServices Motor Vehicle online.
  2. Find and select your county.
  3. From your Registration Renewal notice, enter the Record Number.
  4. Add your tag or license plate number.

If you have questions, contact us.  You can also contact the Alabama Department of Revenue for specifics. Contact information for the Alabama Department of Revenue can be found here. Before you begin the IRP registration process, you should check to see if you meet the necessary qualifications.

One of the things you will need to ask about is an IRP plate.

You must have an established business in the state that you are registering for IRP in. You’ll also need a phone number that your business can be reached at. You will need a list of your employees as well as a filing system of records that relate to your business. You’ll also have to prove that you operate your business across state lines or with Canada by providing contract details or other documents. Contact us or your IRP office with any questions.  

IRP Alabama  Renewal

Just like other types of licenses, the IRP has an expiration date. On the first day of your IRP renewal month, you will be able to access the renewal application. You will not be able to access the renewal application before the renewal month.

You can access your company’s IRP account. The site even includes handy information such as the exchange rate for Canadian dollars. You can find more information about the Alabama IRP renewal process here.

Ways TruckingOffice Will Make Your Life Easier

TruckingOffice is a revolutionary trucking management software that can help in many areas of IRP. Truck tracking software is a great record keeping feature that can make sure your records are organized when it comes to file for taxes or IRP renewals. Also, the feature will remind you when a license is expiring.

Another feature that is useful in truck management is automatic and accurate calculations of IFTA payments. This is a breakthrough for a trucking company because you’ll never have to guess or pay the incorrect amount again.

The Trucking Office account software included can get you an overall consensus of how your company is performing financially. All of these features are useful to anyone that runs a trucking business. To see a full list of TruckingOffice features click here.