North Carolina IRP Information

As a North Carolina independent motor carrier, you’ll enjoy traveling through the Great Smoky Mountains, or along the many beautiful coastal highways.  The state offers a wide range of stunning scenery. We know you’re anxious to start, so we will answer some of your questions about the IRP and help you understand the registration process.  

What is IRP and how does it apply to your operation?  The IRP, meaning International Registration Plan Inc. is an agreement between the United States, the District of Columbia, and some Canadian provinces.  Under it, you may conduct both intrastate and interstate operations without obtaining permits for each state (jurisdiction). You’ll only need one plate and cab card for each vehicle.  

North Carolina IRP Registration

To obtain a plate, you will register with your North Carolina IRP office.  They, in turn, will collect and distribute the registration fees among all jurisdictions on your route.  You will have to report all the mileage you accrue in each jurisdiction. The fees are calculated according to miles you travel and the weight and type of vehicle you operate.  The IRP Fee Calculator can be downloaded here.

Before submitting your registration application, you’ll need to obtain a USDOT number.  You may also need to show proof of payment for the Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes (HVUT form 2290) if your vehicle weighs more than 55,000 pounds.  Additionally, you must register with the IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement).  

The IRP requires that you have an established place of business in your base state.  The business must be a physical structure and you must list a phone number and have a street address where all operational records are or can be available for audit.

To determine if your vehicles qualify for an IRP plate read the guidelines here

When they approve your application, you’ll receive one IRP plate and one cab card for each vehicle you operate.  Keep these items with the vehicle at all times.

Renewing Your North Carolina IRP Plate

You must renew your IRP registration once a year.  In North Carolina, they will mail the IRP Renewal Application packet to you about 75 days before the due date.  The renewal can be processed by mail, online, or in person to the Charlotte or Raleigh IRP office. Details of steps and a list of forms they are requiring can be found here.

It’s important to note that you must be current with all IFTA quarterly taxes and IRP fees in order for renewal approval.

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