Congratulations! Your trucking company is all set. You’ve already obtained the USDOT number, and your truck has been hauling within the Washington stateliness for some time now. Like every other ambitious trucker, you want to venture into the interstate market. It’s normal to fantasize about the possibilities of better prospects. Success in this industry does not come easy. However, having information about IRP and other transport laws is a key ingredient that can grow your business into an impressive fleet.

What is IRP

IRP is an acronym for International Registration Plan. It refers to a program that regulates commercial vehicle registration. The main aim of the plan is to simplify legal compliance procedures for the trucking industry and maximize economic efficiency in all member jurisdictions, including Washington.

Who Can Use Washington as Their Base State

To apply for IRP Washington, you must have an established place of business within the state or be a resident here. In any case, you’ll need to show proof. Additionally, your vehicle or fleet must be used, or intended for use, in at least one more member jurisdiction besides Washington. The vehicle must also meet the following requirements:

  • Operate at least 26,001 pounds
  • Have three or more axles regardless of weight
  • Is used in combination with a minimum GVW of 26,001 pounds

Vehicles displaying restricted plates, government-owned vehicles, recreational vehicles, SUV’s, passenger vans and are not apportionable.

Washington IRP Registration

An established Place of Business, Residency or Change of Address Form, IRP Schedule A/C, and Schedule B is all you need to apply for a new account in Washington.

All Washington-based carriers often receive two plates for each power unit (for the front and rear of the vehicle). Unlike in most other jurisdictions, the plates and cab cards are not transferable. They must remain with the IRP account they were issued to. However, if a vehicle is removed, destroyed, sold or deleted from service, they must be returned to the IRP office.

Washington IRP Renewal

You must renew your IRP registration every year. During this time, you can choose to make changes to your existing IRP account, add jurisdictions to your route or just renew your registration. For each subsequent renewal year, registration fees depend on the actual mileage driven and estimated distance in added jurisdictions.

It’s vital that your account doesn’t expire as Temporarily Authorities are not allowed. Operation of a vehicle without a current cab card and current IRP plate, a valid temporary operating permit or a valid trip will subject you to fines and penalties in all jurisdictions traveled.

What Must I Send in With my IRP Renewal?

  • Your validated IRS Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax form for all vehicles over 55,000 GVW
  • Current MCS-150

If applicable:

  • Validated copy of the record (vehicle registration) being added at renewal time
  • Leased vehicle listing form and a copy of the lease agreement

Although you will receive a renewal packet 90 days before your expiration date, it’s likely that the process will eat up most of your precious time. It can be stressful and sometimes time-consuming. But have no fear! TruckingOffice is here to ease the burden and help you maximize your time on the road or running your business.

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