Connecticut is a member of the IRP; therefore, motor carriers who accrue mileage in the state must register with the IRP or obtain a special trip permit.  The International Registration Plan is an agreement between the US and Canada that allows for apportioned fees (taxes) based on the number of miles traveled in this jurisdiction.  If you are new to the trucking industry, you’ll have a lot of questions about the Connecticut IRP regulations.  So, to help you get started, let’s look at some of the main points of the IRP.  

Connecticut IRP Registration

If you want to claim Connecticut as your base state, you must show that you have an established place of doing business with a street address and a listed telephone number.  You’ll also be required to show the names of all persons doing business at the address. All operational records should be kept at this address and can be made available when needed.  

IRP fees vary by state and are apportioned according to the mileage accrued in each jurisdiction and the weight of the vehicle.  It’s important to note that your IRP fees do not exempt you from town or city permits or fees. You can find information about IRP fees at the DMV website.  

Once your application is completed, and your account is established, you’ll receive the

Apportioned License Plate and a Cab Card.  The card lists all jurisdictions that you are registered to operate in.  Place the card in the lower right corner of the front registration plate, or on the lower right corner of the trailer plate if you operate tractor-trailer combinations.

Renewing Your Connecticut IRP Plate

Connecticut IRP plates are issued for one year.  About 30 days before the due date, you’ll receive a notice that includes all the renewal information.  Also, you can find the due date listed on the IRP cab card you received. The Connecticut DMV website is currently undergoing an upgrade and will not be accepting online renewals until late January 2019.  You can contact the DMV to find out about other renewal options.  

Some of the materials you’ll need to provide for the renewal include:

  • IRP Renewal Schedule B
  • IRP Renewal Schedule A/E
  • Accord Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • Copies of valid Driver License for the person to contact regarding the application, the person that signed the IRP renewal Schedule B, and the registrant.

Other forms and materials may be required, depending on the registrant.  

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