Arizona IRP plates are necessary for any trucks in the state. What is IRP and why do I need it? A term that truck drivers are familiar with is IRP.  IRP stands for international registration plan. The IRP allows trucks to drive through state lines in the U.S. and a few provinces in Canada. Governments have a responsibility to provide safe roads and maintain organization. The money is then spent on making sure that the roads are safe to travel.

The IRP allows trucking companies to have a single license to operate in multiple different states. This is instead of having an individual license or permit for each state. There is a fee involved with the IRP.  It’s mostly a tax for semi trucks to use a state or providence roads. Each state has different requirements for registering an IRP.  I’ll break down the information below.

Arizona IRP Information

Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon National Park. Arizona contains an excellent stretch for the iconic trucking route 66. If you run a trucking business in Arizona, you’ll know how vital providing shipments and trucks to other states can be.

Whether you’re looking to get your trucking business up and running or are looking to expand to other states, it is essential to understand the type of license you need to operate across state lines.

IRP Registration in Arizona

A trucking company seeking to register for an IRP in Arizona should reach out to the Arizona Department of Transportation. Contact information for the Arizona Department of Transportation can be found here. Arizona has a $10 filing fee that must be paid to mail in the application. Some basic requirements and standards must be met.

You will have to prove that you have a business in Arizona. As well as a phone number that your business can be reached at. In addition, you will have to fill out other tax forms and sign various agreements. One of those agreements that you must sign is the record keeping agreement.  It instructs you to keep various documents relating to your business. To see a full list of what is required to check it out here.

IRP Arizona Renewal

An IRP expires after a certain amount of time. You will be able to request a renewal after the first day of your IRP renewal month. Filling out the application isn’t as tedious as applying for the IRP for the first time.

Arizona has recently revised its processing system to make the IRP renewal process even more comfortable than before.

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