If you are a professional motor carrier operating out of the state of Georgia, you must register with the IRP.  What is the IRP? The International Registration Plan is a reciprocal agreement among US States, the District of Columbia, and provinces of Canada.  This agreement provides apportioned payment of motor carrier registration fees among the participating jurisdictions (states). You are only required to register with the IRP if you accrue mileage in two or more jurisdictions.  

Georgia IRP Registration

To open an IRP account, you must meet certain qualifications.  If you plan to claim Georgia as your base jurisdiction you must provide the following:

  1. Proof of established place of business or proof of Georgia residence.
  2. You operate motor vehicles and produce Georgia distance/miles.
  3. Operational records must be maintained and can be made available in the state of Georgia.

You can find a listing of the acceptable documents at the IRP Georgia Trucking Portal website.  Although your base jurisdiction handles the distribution of registration fees, you are responsible for tracking and reporting all mileage accrued by your fleet.

Your vehicles qualify for an IRP plate if they meet the following criteria:

  1. The vehicle(s) is designed, maintained, and used for transporting persons or property.
  2. The power unit has two axles and a registered vehicle weight or gross vehicle weight of 26,000 pounds, or
  3. The power unit has three or more axles regardless of weight, or
  4. Is used in combination when the gross vehicle weight is in excess of 26,000 pounds.
  5. Exceptions:  vehicles displaying restricted plates, government vehicles, or recreational vehicles.

IRP registration fees vary with each jurisdiction.  To contact your base jurisdiction IRP office type in the name of the state or province on the jurisdiction directory here.

Once your registration is received and approved, you’ll receive an IRP plate and cab card for each vehicle you operate.  

Renewing Your Georgia IRP Plate

About three months before the renewal date, the IRP will send a notice that includes all the information you’ll need for renewing your IRP plate.  It is vital that you submit the application right away to avoid any delays or penalties.

In the state of Georgia, the online IRP renewal process consists of two steps.  The first step involves providing all vehicle details and submitting a request for renewal.  The second step is where you provide all billing information, credentials, and make payments.  Directions for online Georgia IRP renewal can be found here.

You also have the option of applying for renewal by contacting your base jurisdiction IRP office.  IRP Ga has staggered registration and renewal periods that are categorized by last names. To see a listing of these categories and renewal periods click here.

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