The International Registration Plan, also known as an IRP is an identification system for semi trucks that operate across stateliness or through Canada. The state governments have come together to create a fee system. This is for vehicles that pass through its state’s borders. 

Alaska IRP Information

Dealing with each state individually would be difficult. Instead you deal with them as a group in the International Registration Plan. This is so instead of having multiple accounts or multiple payments, everything is taken care of in a single payment. The fee is essentially a type of tax for allowing heavy semi trucks to use a state or providence roads. IRP registration requirements can differ from state to state. Usually, a company will need to register their vehicle in their home state. The IRP applies to the 48 continental U.S. states. This means it excludes Alaska and Hawaii. Instead truckers need a temporary permit.

Renewing Your IRP Plate

Alaska is the biggest state in the U.S. and is separated from the other 48 continental states by Canada. This provides some unique logistical challenges for a trucking company looking to send a truck to Alaska. For a truck driver in any of the other 48 states seeking to drive over state lines needs an IRP. Because Alaska is so far from the other 48 states, this IRP tax doesn’t make sense for them. Alaska has the temporary permit that it collects from semi trucks and other commercial vehicles looking to enter its state. This may be confusing for someone not familiar with these terms so that this article will break all of this down below. Alaska IRP Renewal This information will explain what IRP, a temporary permit for commercial vehicles, the difference between the two, and how TruckingOffice will help you stay on top of these permits is. The IRP does not apply to Alaska and trucks looking to visit the state need to request for a temporary registration permit for commercial vehicles. It is advised that a company seeking to register for a temporary permit, contact the Alaska Department of Administration for complete details. The contact information for the Alaska Department of Administration can be found here. The temporary permit is good for 30 days and after that has to be renewed. The fee for the temporary permit is $350 as of November 2018. What’s the difference between IRP and a temporary permit? The simplest explanation about the difference between IRP and a temporary registration permit is that an IRP allows you to go to any of the 48 U.S. states and parts of Canada, while the temporary permit is only good for entry into Alaska. So if you’re not looking to send a truck to Alaska, you won’t have to worry about applying for a temporary permit. TruckingOffice is your main resource for IRP renewal information. Ways TruckingOffice Will Make Your Life Easier TruckingOffice is an easy to use trucking management software that can help in all areas of your trucking business. One popular feature is the invoice tracking, and this feature allows you to keep track of various invoices and their due dates. Staying on top of invoices ensures that the necessary funds are being paid, this way you can pay your staff on time. Another popular feature is dispatch trucking software, and this feature keeps tabs on everything dispatch related. More IRP Information From the client who ordered it to the driver who drove it, the dispatch trucking software keeps track of it all. The record keeping features of this software are among the best in the industry. Organizing your files can be a tedious task, which is why you’ll be glad to hear that TruckingOffice organizes your data for you. Any manager knows how vital record keeping is when it comes time to file taxes. Visit our website here for more information.