The International Registration Plan or IRP is specifically an agreement between the states of the U.S., Canadian provinces and the District of Columbia in order to make the payment for of commercial motor carrier registration fees.

Motor carriers or vehicles used for business purposes in transporting over 500lbs. And who operate in multiple states or provinces ought to register in their base jurisdiction. The feature unique to IRP is that the fleet vehicles require only one license plate and a cab card. Even though they pay the fees to the base jurisdiction and distribute to the different jurisdictions.

Rhode Island is also a part of the IRP agreement. Wondering about ways to get an IRP registration or renewal? Here is an article to help you out.

Rhode Island IRP Registration

The state is a member of the International Registration Plan (IRP). Have Rhode Island as your base state? You will have to show the following in order to claim so:

  • A street address and a telephone number of your established office
  • A list with the name of people doing business at the address
  • And, operational records kept at your office. Operational records should stay safe at your office, and made available only when asked for

Coming to the IRP fees, it varies from state to state, and is often based on the weight of the vehicle and the mileage hoarded in each jurisdiction. Nevertheless, your IRP fees don’t free you from city or town permits and fees.

Your Apportioned License Plate and a Cab Card would reach you once you complete the application after meeting all the above-listed criteria, and your account becomes established. Your card will list the jurisdictions where you can operate.

The card should either be in the lower right corner of your front registration plate or at the lower right corner of the trailer plate in case you operate as a tractor-trailer combination.

Renewing Your Rhode Island IRP Plate

Depending on the state requirements, the plates renew at different times of the year. You can find the expiration date printed on your cab card. Usually, the renewal comes to you before 45-60 days from your expiration date. So, if you don’t see it coming, reach out to your state at the earliest. Because at the end of the day it is your responsibility to get your plates renewed in time.

The renewals are printed and issued before expiration. During this, all the supplemental activities which happen after the renewal won’t be included/printed. This includes:

  • Change in vehicle and jurisdiction information
  • And addition/deletion of vehicles

Therefore, it is important that you review the renewal application to check the accuracy and rectify the omission of important information. Changes should be made to the pre-printed renewal when:

  • There are deleted vehicles included
  • Pertinent information about any of your vehicles wasn’t mentioned on the Pre-printed renewal
  • And, information about newly added vehicles is absent

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