What is IRP?  The International Registration Plan is an agreement that provides for apportioned payment of commercial motor vehicle registration fees.  Motor carriers who travel across state lines must register for IRP with their base jurisdiction. The IRP is separate from the IFTA, which provides for collection and distribution of fuel tax revenues.  

Oklahoma IRP Registration

You can designate Oklahoma as your base jurisdiction if you meet the following qualifications:

  • You have an established place of business in the state with a street address and a listed telephone number.  You should be able to provide the names of any persons doing business at that location. All operational records must be maintained and can be made available at this address.  
  • You operate qualified commercial motor vehicles in two or more participating jurisdictions.  A qualified vehicle is one that is designed, used, and maintained for transport of persons or property.  Also, the vehicle must have two or more axles with a registered vehicle weight or gross vehicle weight 26,000 pounds or more, or, three or more axles regardless of weight.

Beginning October 1, 2018, registration for an IRP plate in Oklahoma requires payment of a new IRP Apportioned Registration CMV Service Fee (ARCS Fee).  The fee is $100 for every vehicle registered under IRP that reports Oklahoma mileage accrued. This fee is in addition to the current weight fee.

You can register for IRP by contacting your base jurisdiction or a local IRP office, or by applying online here.  Once your IRP registration is complete and approved, you’ll receive an Apportioned Cab Card and an Apportioned License Plate for the power unit of each vehicle in your fleet.  

Renewing Your Oklahoma IRP Plate

The due date for renewing your IRP plate is printed on the cab card.  However, you will receive notification of the pending renewal about three months before the due date.  This notice will include information on what is needed for proper renewal. It will also include a listing of any forms you must complete.  

Some of the IRP Registration forms that may be required for your IRP renewal include:

  1. Revenue International Registration Plan (Schedule B)
  2. Federal Schedule 1 (for vehicles registered at 55,000 pounds or more)
  3. Title or application for title (if ownership has changed)
  4. Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return (Form 2290)
  5. Authority Lease Agreement (if you are not the Motor Carrier Responsible for Safety)

In most states, you can process your renewal online and print out the required credentials.  Keep in mind that the renewal must be received by the IRP at least 30 days before the designated due date to avoid penalties.  

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