New York IRP Information

Welcome to the trucking industry!  We know you are excited about getting started on this adventurous and rewarding career.  But, like most new truckers, you have some questions about the IRP and how it applies to your operation.  Hopefully, the information provided below will help you gain a better understanding of what independent motor carriers like yourself must do.  

Of course, your first question is “What is IRP for trucking?”  The IRP, meaning International Registration Plan, is meant to simplify the process of collecting and distributing registration fees.  Registrants pay the fees to their home jurisdiction and are thereby allowed to travel in any participating jurisdiction. The IRP is a reciprocity agreement between the US, the District of Columbia, and some Canadian provinces.  A list of the member jurisdictions can be found here.

New York IRP Registration

Before applying for an IRP plate, you must meet specific qualifications.  First, you must show that you established a business in the state. To qualify, the business must be a physical structure, you must list a phone number and have a street address.  You must maintain all operational records and they must be available at this location.  

Next, you need to determine whether you should obtain a USDOT number.  Also, you must show proof of payment for the Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes (HVUT) if your vehicle weighs 55,000 pounds or more.  You must also be registered with the IFTA.

Does your vehicle qualify for an IRP plate?  Under the IRP, a qualifying motor vehicle is one that is for transporting property or persons for hire and:

  1. Has two or more axles and a GVW (gross vehicle weight) of 26,000 pounds or more, or
  2. Is a power unit of any weight that has three or more axles, or
  3. Is in use for a combination that exceeds 26,000 pounds GVW.

A list of forms and other requirements can be found in the NY DMV Application Booklet.

When they approve your IRP registration, you’ll receive one IRP plate and one cab card for each vehicle in your fleet.  Keep these items with the vehicles at all times.

Renewing Your New York IRP Plate

You must renew your New York IRP registration  each year. They will send you your NY State IRP Renewal Report by mail about 90 days before the renewal due date.

All requests for renewal must arrive at the IRB (International Registration Bureau) within 45 days of the due date to avoid fines or penalties.  Allow at least three weeks to receive your renewal bill and a list of other information that may be needed. Keep in mind that the payments must be at the IRB within 20 days before the expiration of your current registration.  

Also, the renewal application will not be accepted if you are not current with all IFTA and IRP payments.  

This is certainly a lot of information to absorb, but there’s much more you’ll need to know and take care of before getting out on the road to build your business.  If you’re concerned about remembering all the forms and due dates, TruckingOffice has a solution.

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