Michigan IRP

What is IRP?  The term IRP stands for International Registration Plan. This program allows interstate carriers to operate among member jurisdictions with only one IRP plate and one cab card for each vehicle. These credentials are all that are required to operate in the states listed on the card.  

The IRP was created to simplify the collection and distribution of motor carrier registration fees amongst jurisdictions.  Motor carriers must submit a registration application to their base jurisdiction to receive their apportioned permit.

Michigan IRP Registration

To claim Michigan as your base jurisdiction, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • An established place of business with a street address and listed phone number.
  • Maintain and make available all operational records at the location.
  • Provide the names of all persons doing business at the address you provided.
  • Operate across state lines with a qualified motor vehicle.

Your motor vehicle qualifies for IRP registration if it exceeds 26,000 pounds gross vehicle weight and has three or more axles.  The vehicle must also be designed, maintained, and used for transporting property or persons across state lines. When your application is approved you will receive an IRP Apportioned License Plate and Cab Card for each vehicle you operate.  

In addition to an IRP apportioned plate, you will need to register with the Michigan IFTA to obtain an IFTA license and decals.  The International Fuel Tax Agreement controls fuel use tax collection and distribution among member jurisdictions. More information about IFTA can be found here.

IRP Michigan Renewal

Your Michigan IRP registration needs to be renewed once a year.  The due date for renewal is determined by the date of your initial registration.  The date can be found on your cab card. Keep in mind that the application for renewal must be received by the IRP office a full 30 days ahead of the renewal date listed on the cab card.  

You’ll receive a notice from the IRP about three months before the renewal date.  The notice includes all instructions and information needed for the renewal process.  It will also include a listing of the forms required to complete the process. In most states, this process can be done online, and you can print the credentials needed.  

In Michigan, you must establish an IRP account in person at the Lansing IRP office.  Once that is completed, you can set up an online account for making payments. Be sure to check the list of items needed for establishing an IRP account.  

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