As a professional trucker in Canada, you’re going to enjoy driving through the vast, rugged landscape.  Each day will seem like a road-trip adventure with beaches, cities, and mountains to enjoy. So, we want to help you start in this exciting new business.  Let’s begin with what you need to know about the IRP.

What is IRP for trucking?  The IRP, meaning International Registration Plan, is an agreement between the United States and Canada that collects and distributes registration fees among member jurisdictions.  The fees are based on the number of miles traveled in each jurisdiction and the type of vehicle you operate.

Canada IRP Registration

If you operate a qualified motor vehicle in more than one jurisdiction in Canada or the United States, you must register with the IRP office to obtain an IRP plate.  Before sending the registration application, you should make sure you have any other permits that might be required.

For instance, Canadian carriers are required to obtain a CBSA carrier code.  Also, if you carry goods from the US to Canada, you’ll need PAPS and PARS stickers.  In Ontario, you will also need a valid Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR).  More information about these permits can be found at the Ministry of Transporation website.  You’ll also need to register with the IFTA (International Registration Plan) to pay quarterly fuel use taxes.  

You must register with the IRP if your vehicle has a GVW over 11,793 kg (26,001 pounds) or has 3 or more axles regardless of weight.  Also, you must prove that you have an established place of business in the province with a street address and a listed phone number.

Renewing Your Canada IRP Plates

IRP Canada plates are valid for one year only.  About 90 days before the expiration of your current permit, the IRP office will send a renewal notice that includes all the information you’ll need.  Keep in mind that the renewal application must be received by the IRP office at least 30 days before the expiration date of the current plate to avoid any delays, penalties, or fines.

When applying for the renewal, you will need to show all miles traveled in each jurisdiction.  These are a few of the forms you’ll need:

  • Schedule A & C – Registrant/Carrier Information
  • Schedule B – Distance Information
  • Form 2290 – Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax proof of payment
  • A valid Authority Lease Agreement if you are not the motor carrier responsible for safety

Also, you must be current with all IRP and IFTA payments in order to qualify for renewal.  

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