IRP Quebec

Have you been hauling cargo within Quebec? If yes, it’s likely that you are looking to extend your operations outside the province. After all, almost every other trucker does it. That, however, does not come easy. You are required to ensure that your truck(s) meet all the legal requirements, including having IFTA and IRP credentials. But, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Why? Because you’re not only just about to get a crash course in Quebec IRP, but a turn-key solution to managing your trucking company. Let’s get over the basics first.

Understanding IRP

International Registration Plan (IRP) is an agreement between Canada and the U.S. It allows heavy commercial vehicles to operate in all the member jurisdictions in these two countries. The purpose of this program is to ensure that all carriers operating multi-jurisdictionally comply with IRP requirements. Also, it promotes equal distribution of IRP fees and taxes based on the percentage of operation in those states/provinces.

Quebec IRP registration

To apply under the International Registration Plan, you must qualify to use Quebec as your base jurisdiction. In other words, you must either have an established place of business or show proof of residency. Also, your heavy commercial motor vehicle must;

  • Have two axles and its gross vehicle weight greater than 11, 973 kg, or
  • Have three axles or more, regardless of weight, or
  • Be part of a combined vehicle with its total weight under load over 11,973 kg

Vehicles exempted from registration include;

  • Tractor-trucks, trucks, or combinations of road vehicles with a GVW less than 11,974 kilograms
  • Government-owned vehicles
  • Pickup and urban delivery vehicles
  • Vehicles used for personal needs

Meeting all the minimum requirements to register your truck under Quebec IRP is not enough. You must go to one of the IRP service centers in person (be sure to make an appointment).

IRP Quebec Renewal

When renewing your IRP licenses in Quebec, you are required to declare the distances traveled within and outside Quebec. This should be done from Sept to Dec and must include the total mileage between July 1st of the previous year to June 30th the current year.

IRP Renewal Fees

Upon declaration of distances, you’ll receive a Notice of Assessment at the start of Feb by mail. The renewal payment is based on the total distance traveled and should be made before March 31st every year. Therefore, be sure to send accurate information to avoid inaccurate fee assessment and maintenance of incorrect records.

Although first time IRP registration is only payable at the service centers, renewal payments can be made in different methods. These include cash, check, money order, or interact (debit card).

After making the required payment, you’ll be issued with two IRP license plates and a cab card for each apportioned truck in your fleet. The cab card shows the states/provinces where the vehicle is allowed to operate and the GVW for each jurisdiction

Streamline Your Business With TruckingOffice

IRP registration and renewal in Quebec sounds like a pretty easy thing to do. The truth is, it’s not. It is very time-consuming and complicated. Even worse, things can get really expensive, especially if you make mistakes. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be if you allow TruckingOffice to take control.  Our fleet management software will not only help you with IRP and IFTA reporting but also ensure that your company records are in compliant with the standard auditing norms.

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