Is there anything more annoying than repeating work? Just imagine having to repeat your IFTA filing because the IFTA tax rate changes weren’t in your computations.  The IFTA tax rate table is updated quarterly. TruckingOffice PRO trucking software updates our software IFTA fuel tax rate quarterly so you can rest assured that your IFTA report is 100% accurate.

IFTA Tax Rate Changes

The International Fuel Tax Agreement makes life much simpler for truckers. By putting all the different jurisdictions into one system, truckers can take care of all of the taxes with a single payment. But computing that tax bill is still complicated because every state has a different IFTA fuel tax rate.

Tracking the miles per state driven in a quarter can be difficult. Forget to write down numbers at the state lines? That’s where some truckers take a rough guess. Is it important to have an accurate number?

Well, yes, it is. Because IFTA taxes are based on the number of miles per state, a guess will lead to mistakes. And mistakes lead to IFTA audits and fines, penalties and the possibility of getting kicked off the road.

Then there are the IFTA tax rate changes. If you don’t live in Michigan, you probably wouldn’t hear that their tax rate just changed. Maybe you don’t drive through Michigan. Maybe you only cross into that state once in a a while. You might want to just ignore Michigan.

Don’t ignore Michigan. Don’t ignore any state. The consequences are costly.

Having all of the tax rates regularly updated is one of the best features of TruckingOffice PRO.

TruckingOffice Updates IFTA Tax Rates

The IFTA fuel tax rates are changed by state or jurisdiction governments. It’s not the IFTA organization that does it. But the IFTA website does report those changes. It’s up to the trucker or the IFTA prep software to make sure that the tax rates are accurate.

That’s why we think that the free IFTA prep options on the internet are risky. Who’s updating those IFTA tax rate changes? Can you be confident that those rates are accurate?

Considering that many of those “free” IFTA tax prep programs don’t give you your tax bill report until you pay them, you’re putting your hard-earned money down without any confidence that what you’ll get is RIGHT.

The other problem with any IFTA program that requires you to enter the data by hand is the possibility – the probability of errors.

December 2022 4th Quarter IFTA Tax Rate Changes

The Ideal IFTA solution Makes IFTA Simple

What’s a trucking software? Is it just a program that tracks dispatches and creates invoices?

TruckingOffice doesn’t think so. Any trucking software that doesn’t compute IFTA using up-to-date IFTA tax rates is cheating the trucker.

IFTA and Routing

When a dispatch is made, the routing should be arranged at the same time. That’s why TruckingOffice PRO uses PC*Miler for the trucker to plan their route. With that route, the miles per state are easily produced.

TruckingOffice updates each IFTA tax rate change regularly. They also track your miles per state. When the trucker puts in the fuel purchases per state, computing the IFTA taxes due is simply a matter of some math. From the very start of TruckingOffice trucking software, with the data TruckingOffice already has. No extra data entry, no risks of transposing numbers. Just to-the-penny accurate reports of how much a trucker owes on IFTA fuel taxes.

Do you want a simple, fast, and easy IFTA? Of course! Who wouldn’t?

Have you used an IFTA prep software that didn’t give you an accurate number?

TruckingOffice PRO has it for you.

Use a system that works for you, instead of making you do the work. That’s TruckingOffice PRO. Our trucking software will improve your trucking business and your life by removing the stress and wasted time that IFTA causes. But TruckingOffice PRO does much more.

Use TruckingOffice PRO to run your entire owner-operator or small truck fleet trucking business.

Our free trial will give you the time to enter last quarter’s data and get an accurate IFTA report to file. You will have access to the entire program, not just part of it. You can sign up now, take care of your IFTA filing, and discover what a complete trucking management software program can do for you. Give us a try now!

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