Electronic Logging Device (ELD) VID

VID (Vehicle Interface Device) – reads the truck’s ECM and communicates with your mobile device via your phone or tablet blue tooth technology.

Electronic Data Logging the TruckingOffice Way

The TruckingOffice ELD works on any mobile phone or tablet with data service enabled.  Just BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), plugin our ELD, start the app and start logging.

Great app. Keeps track of everything and sends it to TMS. TruckingOffice is the way to go. Customer service is amazing. Simplifies IFTA, IRP and makes tax preparation a breeze. 10 Stars


Bill Barnes

Owner Operator

I like this program because it syncs with each other so if I upload fuel receipt from the ELD it's already on my TMS.

Susanelaine Coffer

Owner Operator

Should I go with monthly?

The monthly deal is great if you don’t want a contract or make a long term commitment.  All you have to do is pre-pay for the VID ($89.95) then it’s just $20/mo/truck.

Or should I go annual?

The annual plan is the most popular because it includes the VID for free.  That’s an $89.95 instant savings!  Then you are all set for the year.

How do the roadside inspections work?

No printing required.  The system can email them to the DOT Inspector, it can send it to them via data transfer, or you can display the info on your mobile device.

Can I edit my logs?

Yes you can edit your log information, and you can add missing change of duty status changes.  The only thing that you can’t change is the driving time per the FMCSA rules.

How do I see all my driver’s logbook information?

You will be able to log into the web application from the website.  Then, you will be able to view and maintain all driver logbook information.

Can I use a tablet?

Yes, you can use a tablet to run your Elogs as long as it has data service.  The data service from your cell phone provider is used to keep all your records synced up and stored on the servers.