Free Load Profit Calculator

Fleets, independent owner operators, leased on owner operators and truckers of all types can use this free load profit calculator to decide if a load or a lane is profitable when deciding which freight to book.

How To Use the Free Load Calculator

Oftentimes, it is difficult to decide if a load that is being offered is a good deal or not-or if a lane is a good lane to run.  Sometimes drivers sit for several days waiting for a better load, only to make a little bit more money.  Those days sitting are wasted days, and have a big effect on the revenue per day.

Use this load calculator to evaluate a load, or add the revenue for 2 or more loads together to evaluate a lane option.  After entering the load info, you then need to enter the information about your company.  If you are not sure what your company stats are on a consistent basis, then you should us the TruckingOffice Software to manage your daily activities.  The software makes life easy and calculates your company stats consistently.

After entering the required info, the load calculator will show you what your profit per mile and your profit per day are.  Both are important when deciding if this freight is good to haul or not.

After entering your load numbers, make changes to see how it affects your trucking profits!

After entering all the info and looking at the calculations, toggle back to the beginning and change some of the inputs to see how it affects your profit per day and profit per mile.  If you take a load from Ohio to Florida and then go back to Ohio how long should that take?  It could be done in 4 to 5 days, but what if you wait for a better backhaul for 3 days.  Then it turns into 8 days and it is very hard to be profitable.  Try it for the lanes that you run most often, then try it out on some different lanes to see if maybe you can do better trying something new.

If you are trying to decide if a rate on a load is good or in your range, take a look at what typical backhaul rates are on that lane.  Add that to the rate for your outbound load, then evaluate the trip.  After you have everything entered in, adjust the outbound rate until you can run the trip profitably, and not have to sit and wait for the best backhaul.

Trucking is all about the numbers!  Know your numbers!

You have to have a good understanding of your numbers, and how they affect your business to book freight effectively.  Good freight goes fast, and the guys that know their numbers and can act quickly often get the best loads when working in the spot market.  If you are bidding contract freight, it is also very competitive, so it is important not to bid too low because you will have to live with the rate for a long period of time.  This quick tool will help with both types of freight bidding.  TruckingOffice Software will help you track the business on a daily basis so you can make sure that your business is always on track.



Company Overview Report

Using the Company Overview Report in your TruckingOffice Software account you will be able to see and track your over-all revenue per mile, expenses per mile, and profit per mile.  Also, number of loads, revenue per load, and over-all profit and loss totals.

Easily evaluate how these number change over time.  Are you doing better or worse than last month?  How about last year?

TruckingOffice is the most popular software for owner operators and fleet builders everywhere because it is so easy, effective, and affordable!

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  • Free Support – we are here for you when you need an extra hand

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