We’re getting closer to that deadline.  We saw some research that said more than 50% of owner-operators haven’t yet bought a truck driver log app or ELD https://www.truckingoffice.com/trucking-software-featuressystem for their trucks.  I know lots of drivers who are hoping this is all going to go away.  Every day, I see the latest news on Google about this congressperson or that government official who is trying to delay the ELD.

Is the real problem the technology or the HOS?

Talking to a non-trucker last week, she asked, “Why the pushback about the ELD?”

I explained it’s less about the technology and more about the hours of service restrictions.  “It’s the tool that the government is going to use that’s going to hurt a lot of truckers.  That’s the real problem.  It’s not the technology.”

Technology Working For Truckers

There’s a lot of good technology out there for truckers to use.  Apps like WAZE and Weigh My Truck help truckers save time and money.  Using trucking management software (like TruckingOffice TMS) to run an owner-operator trucking business is only good sense.  If the only thing you do with technology is computing your IFTA, well, there’s a lot more you can be doing, but that’s a good start.

There are tons of log apps and software solutions out there. But while each choice may ensure compliance, that doesn’t mean they’re all created equal.

In truth, the best truck driver log app is one that’s not just compliant but offers the least interruption to your business-as-usual. You might be required to have these devices, but they certainly don’t have to disrupt your operations or force you to implement costly time-consuming training or technology.

Want to find a solution that offers just this?

Look for these important considerations

1. Input from real truckers and trucking professionals.

If you want a truck driver log app that’s convenient and easy to use for truck drivers, pick one that’s created by real-life truckers and trucking professionals, not just some random app company or tech firm.

2. Integration with your other tools.

You don’t want to end up with tons of overlap or tedious dual data entry that wastes time and resources. Make sure your log app integrates seamlessly with your other tools: your dispatch software, invoicing platform, maintenance tracker, and more.

3. BYOD capability.

No one wants to be on the hook for thousands and thousands of dollars of screens, buttons, or other equipment. To keep costs low and installation/training requirements minimal, a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solution is best.

4. Security.

Your log app should record only the data absolutely necessary for DOT compliance — nothing more, nothing less. It should also keep that data completely secure and safe from harm or misuse. Being compliant shouldn’t mean sacrificing privacy.

5. Trustworthiness.

In the end, you want to use a log book solution from someone you trust, someone who knows your industry and its values. Don’t opt for the fanciest looking tool from some Silicon Valley tech giant. Find a provider with real experience in trucking, and trust that they know the best solutions for you and the employees you serve.

Choosing the Best ELD System for Your Business

Things can often be hectic around a trucking office while you are dealing with multiple tasks at once. Having an app that your drivers can depend on to help them keep track of their driving is a huge benefit. When you purchase an ELD for your trucking company, you will want it to have all the additional features needed to get the job done correctly.

Many times, truck drivers get overwhelmed with all the rules and regulations involved in transporting freight. Instead of dealing with the specifics of IFTA or manually logging their time, they would rather be on the open road doing what they do best. With the right trucking management software and ELD system in place, your truck drivers can do just that. By choosing the right ELD system for your business, your drivers do not keep track of dates and other vital information because the system will take care of the details for them.

The ELD system designed by TruckingOffice helps take care of many important details such as fuel use, HOS, and mileage. It works in conjunction with the company’s TMS program to file all the data in one convenient location that is easy to find when needed.

Need a truck driver log app that gets the job done without wasting time, money, or resources? Learn more about TruckingOffice’s ELD now. Created by truckers for truckers, it’s the easiest, most convenient way to comply with the ELD mandate.

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