Trucking Business Software Features

Driving is a great way to make a living. The freedom of the road, the ability to see the country, and the chance to be your own boss—few others jobs offer those kinds of benefits. Plus, the pay’s not bad compared to a lot of other professions. But along with all of those perks come some hassles as well, like keeping up with maintenance on your rig, making sure your IFTA taxes are paid in full and on time, recording dispatches and miles driven with our truck mileage calculator, invoicing clients, and of course, keeping your logbook in order. Sometimes it feels like you’re spending more time doing paperwork than earning your pay! The trucking business software features can help you to enjoy all the things you love about your work, while making paperwork and other tiresome tasks easier to deal with. TruckingOffice takes the hassle out of all those extra chores that come with being a professional driver.

IFTA Reporting Software

Tracks everything you need for IFTA. Miles by state and fuel gallons by state. Miles are calculated automatically using PC*Miler. Read about how we make IFTA Easy. Learn More

‎Dispatch Trucking Software

Tracks everything related to a dispatch – who ordered it, who drove it, and offers you a wide variety of options for fees. Learn More

Invoice Trucking Software

Keep tabs on invoices that are coming due. It also alerts you if they are overdue. Getting your invoices paid in full and on time means you and your drivers get paid. Learn More

Stop The Headaches!

Driver Trucking Software

Get a report of what loads a driver drove. This makes cutting a paycheck that much easier. You can even give them a print out of the report with his pay stub. They can easily verify that they’re paid in full. No more arguing about who drove which load.
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Expense Trucking Software

For the most complete picture of how your company is doing, you need to see where all the money goes. Expenses show you when and where you are buying products and services for your business.
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Maintenance Trucking Software

Discover the best way to stay on top of your maintenance. Always be sure that your vehicles are correctly serviced and maintain DOT compliance.
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Truck Tracking Software

Keep track of all your truck records for taxes and for maintenance. Never lose track of when something is expiring.
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Premium Routing Software

Premium routing makes it easy to plan your loads and send all the information to your drivers, including street level routes, maps and directions. Save time and money by making it easier to dispatch your trucks and stay in compliance with IFTA.
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Team Driver Trucking Software

Being able to assign two drivers to a load helps when you are team driving. Sometimes there are husband and wife teams, and sometime two drivers will team up with one truck to make more money with only one truck.
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‎Help from a Trucking Expert

Need help getting started? TruckingOffice provides you with all the support tools you need to guide you along the way.
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Pro Trucking Business Software Features


This feature gives you tools to store digital copies of your paper documents in TruckingOffice.
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Load Planning Software

This feature gives you the tools you need to manage the load during negotiation, confirmation, and planning.
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LTL Dispatch Software

Pro lets you take on more complex LTL loads. It handles all the billing details so you can focus on the moving the freight, instead of worrying if they are going to be billed correctly.
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Factoring / Quick Pay / Remit To Support

Pro lets you assign invoices to a different remit to address. It also lets you track fees related to factoring to make it easier to keep track of when you have been fully paid.
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Driver Settlement Management

Paying drivers can get complex. You need to make sure they have been paid for all the loads without accidentally paying them twice for the same load. The driver settlement tools inside of Pro make it as easy to settle up with owner operators as it is with employees.
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Here are some of the many ways TruckingOffice can make your life easier:

  • Automatic, accurate calculation of IFTA payments – never over- or under-pay again.
  • Fast generation of invoices – get paid quicker by your clients.
  • Effortless tracking of fleet maintenance tasks – keep your rigs running longer and your nose out of trouble with safety auditors.
  • Accurate tracking of miles – pay your people what they have coming to them, with no complicated forms or fancy math to worry about.
  • Know exactly how your company is doing profit-wise at all times with our trucking accounting software.
  • Detailed recording of dispatches – always know who delivered what to where and when they did it.
  • And much more, including automatic backup of all your record and regular updates to your software.
  • Click any of the features below to learn more about how TruckingOffice can help you run your business successfully!