Load Planning Software

Pro Feature

When you are running a busy trucking business, you are juggling a lot of loads. You have all the details you need on some of them, but sometimes you start with a rough itinerary and a little details. The Load Planner makes it easy for you to capture what information you do have all in one place. Once the details have settled, you can start a dispatch and pick off the loads you want. Fleet management solutions by Trucking Office help keep track of all necessary information; check out how it can help you today.


  • Capture all the data you have for a load. If you just have a date and customer, it will take it.
  • Track the state of the loads that you need to follow up on.
  • Makes it easier to plan which trucks will take which loads.


  • Never lose track of a load.
  • Matches the workflow of many small trucking companies.
  • Gives you another level of control as you decide how to run your trucks.