All-In-One Trucking Software

Based On The 4 Pillars of Trucking Management

Here’s The Perfect Solution If You Want To Run A Better Trucking Business

Pillar #1 Dispatching

In the trucking business we spend a lot of time on dispatch activities.  This is where the work gets done!  Whether you are an owner operator or a fleet builder you understand that there are a lot of details in the dispatching process.  Having the right system to manage those details makes all the difference.

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Pillar #1  Dispatching/Operations


After you book a load, you need a system to manage all the information and get it to and from drivers without errors.  This accuracy is critical to proper billing so that you’re not taking a loss with a load.   

By using a complete trucking software package, you can  

  • Eliminate Errors
  • Never Double Book
  • Keep Everyone On the Same Page.

When you use TruckingOffice trucking software, you can manage your entire company with a software designed for truckers.  You can easily keep track of your  

  • Lane History
  • Rate History
  • Clients Contact and Address Book

Does your current system help you or slow you down?

Pillar #2 Cash Flow

How Not To Run Out of Money When You Need It the Most!

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Pillar #2  Cash Flow


Hauling freight is what you do.  Maybe you don’t love accounting?  Who does, except accountants?  But you need to be paid.

Keeping track of computers is simple with a complete trucking software package.  TruckingOffice’s  proven Automated Invoicing System

  • Eliminates errors by using the dispatch date (no doubling your data entry)
  • Quickly creating your invoices, even when you’re still in the delivery dock.
  • Automatically sending your invoices to shippers using saved client data.
  • Payment tracking to be sure you’re getting paid on time.
  • Revenue reporting based on trucking metrics, not accountant’s methods.

Are your finances in order?  Are your invoices paid in full and on time?  



Pillar #3 Expenses

The two ways to increase profits in any business are to increase revenues or reduce expenses.  Trucking companies usually operate on a small profit margin so it is essential to track and manage expenses well.

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Pillar #3  Maintenance and Expenses


 Your biggest investment is in your rig.  Are you taking care of it?  In case of an audit, can you prove it without scrounging through shoeboxes of ancient receipts?

When you need to manage your equipment to keep it on the road, you need to track your maintenance records and know when it’s time to schedule the work to prevent emergency, on the road breakdowns.

With a complete trucking management software, you’re managing not just your business, but your investment in your future.

Complete records can save you thousands of dollars by 

  • preventative maintenance by your preferred techs – not whoever is closest or who can deliver on the road.
  •  keep records of guaranteed work
  • have records ready when the auditors demand them without spending hours organizing them.

Truckers expenses are complicated compared to other businesses.  Every state has their own requirements.  Do you want 

  • Freedom from paper receipts that get lost?
  • Accurate records that show where your money is going?
  • Insights into how you can cut your expenses to keep more of your money?

 You need  

  • Custom Expense Categories
  • Fuel by state for IFTA
  • Driver Settlements
  • Maintenance Tracking & Planning

Is your trucking software providing you with the data and analysis you need to stay profitable and grow?


Pillar #4 Reports & Stats

We have all heard the 8 out of 10 businesses fail within the first five years.  In the trucking industry it might even be worse than that.  Business owners that don’t know how to watch the numbers and make the right decisions don’t make it.  TruckingOffice reports hightlight the right numbers, so that you can make the right decisions for your business.

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Pillar #4  Reports & Stats


Every industry has specific reports that they need.  But most of the business management programs you find don’t provide the reports that the trucking industry needs.  When working with international agencies, the complexities of trying to keep up with the changes can shut down your business.

Good reporting features for a trucking software must include 

  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Traditional Business Reports
  • Mileage based reporting for Truckers
  • Analysis reports per truck
  • IFTA & IRP Reports

If your trucking software package doesn’t manage all aspects of your trucking business, are you confident that your trucking business is successful?


It is simple to use and takes no time to look up a trip and print it out in the truck and down the road I go. IFTA is done, trip routing done, all load info done. Makes my life easier.

Steve Edwards

Owner Operator

  • Online Software – access from any device at any time

  • Security Guaranteed – system is backed up and monitored constantly

  • Privacy Guaranteed – personal private account – your data is never shared with anyone

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – no contracts – cancel any time

  • No Set Up Fees – users always tell us how easy it is to learn and to use

  • Free Support – we are here for you when you need an extra hand

Don’t worry about your computer crashing or getting a virus and losing all of your business records!

You will love our software, but if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied you can cancel anytime.

No surprise set up fees!

We are here to help! 

Free support!

TruckingOffice is the most popular software for owner operators and fleet builders everywhere because it is so easy, effective, and affordable!

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