LTL Dispatch Software

Pro Feature

TruckingOffice Basic makes it easy to dispatch FTL (Full Truck Load) loads. TruckingOffice Pro makes it just as easy to dispatch LTL (Less than Truck Load) loads. Once you put the loads into the Load Planner, you are ready to start dispatching. The LTL capability lets you put multiple loads from the same customer, or multiple loads for different customers all on a single truck. The software handles figuring out all the billing.


  • Allows you to dispatch multiple loads for a single customer onto a truck.
  • You can put loads for different customers on the same truck.
  • Automatically calculate the bill for each load seperately depending on how you want to charge.


  • Utilize all the space in you truck by taking on extra loads when you have room.
  • You can focus on what needs to move and when, and know that everything is all in once place.
  • Gives you another level of control as you decide how to run your trucks.