Factoring – Remit To Support

Pro Feature


Sometimes you need your customer to send payment to a third party. Inside of TruckingOffice Pro, you can easily set the remit to address on an invoice. The information gets saved in your address book, so you only have to enter it once.

Once the remit to address is set, it shows up on all the invoice versions. The address is clearly listed on screen, and in the PDF.



The system also makes it easier to track that payment status of the invoice. You can enter in the amount you were charged for the factoring. You can enter an dollar amount or the percentage (it will do the math for you!). This also allows you to track it as an expense. When you enter a factoring fee, the expense record is created automatically. From that point forward the balance owed is adjusted down by the mount covered by the factoring fee. When you get payment later, you will be able to easily see if you got the right amount.


  • Factoring companies can be stored in you address book.
  • They can be assigned to invoices on a case by case basis.
  • All invoices with a remit to address show where the customer should send payment, but still show your company on the bill.
  • The invoice now tracks the factoring fee as a payment.
  • The expense is automatically tracked when you enter a fee.


  • Customer send their money to the right place.
  • Easily confirm that you have been paid in full on factored loads.
  • Automatic expense tracking means reports on your factoring expenses are more accurate.