FileSafe™ From TruckingOffice

FileSafe From TruckingOffice

Pro Feature

There is a lot of technology in trucking, but there is still a lot of paper. Every piece needs to be kept and filed. TruckingOffice is happy to add FileSafe™ to make your office work easier.

You can scan or take a picture of any paper you want to save. You can easily upload it, and attach it to any load or trip you are running. This means that when it is time to send an invoice out, you can easily bundle up the rate con and a bill of lading with your invoice and send it directly from TruckingOffice.

Have you ever had a customer come back with a question about a trip you did a month ago? With FileSafe™ you can keep everything all in one place. You can easily go from the invoice to the trip to any of the files you uploaded. One less thing to track means you can spend more time moving freight and less time filing.

Because the files get stored inside your TruckingOffice account, it means that all your dispatchers can easily access anything they need to look at. This means increased productivity and happier dispatchers.

We have spent a lot of time designing the system to keep your files safe. Now you can have hassle-free peace of mind when it comes to all the important files for your business.


  • FileSafe™ are available in different sizes to meet your companies needs.
  • Backups and data safety are handled for you.
  • Easily view and download files at any time.


  • Have access to your files where ever you are.
  • Everything you upload is automatically filed with the load, so finding what you need is fast.
  • Easy to bundle up all the files into a single email to shoot off to your customer.