You know it’s coming. The CVSA Roadcheck inspections are annual events. Some truckers decide to take their vacation that week. Why do they want to avoid it? Are they afraid their vehicle isn’t in good enough condition to be on the road?

Is preparing for this year’s CVSA inspections near the top of the priority list for owner-operators? We here at TruckingOffice think it should be. A truck maintenance plan in place now will protect you in the future.

So why would we want to make the inspections our best ever?

  • Get back on the road faster. Proper maintenance make the inspections go faster.
  • Your trucking business will be more cost-efficient because the engine will be in prime condition.
  • You can avoid the on-the-road crisis that costs so much more than regular maintenance ever will.

What is the CVSA International Road Check Event?

The purpose of the Road Check is simple. Get bad trucks off the road.

We all know truckers who don’t maintain their rigs. We’ve all seen trucks with tires that barely hold onto their wheels. Those are the trucks that need to get off the road – to protect their drivers as well as the other people on the road.

Every year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) conducts inspections for a 72-hour period. The three-day period sees an average of almost 15 trucks or buses get inspected per minute throughout North America during the Roadcheck Blitz. During 2023, the annual inspections conducted by the CVSA will take place from May 16-18.

Truck Maintenance Helps Owner-Operators Prepare For Summer Inspections

Nobody wants their truck to break down. The risk of being off the road should be enough motivation keep up our truck maintenance. That’s the reason we think that TruckingOffice PRO is a great tool to help you keep your rig in tip-top shape.

It’s one of those situations where spending money will save money. Truck maintenance can help owner-operators get ready for CVSA inspections by eliminating surprises. Staying abreast of the simple things that can go wrong with a truck prevents them from becoming into major problems.

Preventing small problems from snowballing into major ones is essential to making it through summer inspections. Little problems can be nipped in the bud. With the supply chain issues, getting some parts currently takes a longer lead time.

Then there’s the tech you want versus the tech you get on the road. It’s smart to have a regular mechanic to check your rig. That relationship may get you in the shop faster, when other truckers also need service.

Trucking Software Helps Truckers Prepare for Summer Inspections

With all of the responsibilities owner-operators have, it’s relatively easy to understand how truck maintenance doesn’t always take top priority. Regardless, not spending enough time and resources on truck maintenance has costly consequences. Whether it’s breakdowns, tickets, fines, or being pulled off of the road, neglecting fleet maintenance has consequences. That’s why it helps to have supplies in place to take care of your rig consistently.

Among the best tools for owner-operators interested in prioritizing truck maintenance is a complete trucking software package.

  • Construct preventative maintenance plans. A preventative maintenance plan helps owner-operators plan for when trucks may need maintenance.
  • Saves maintenance-related records which will be required in case of an audit.
  • Allows scheduling for work on your vehicle when you want it.

Given how big of an investment you’ve already made in your rig, proper maintenance of it just makes sense. That’s because it’s the only way you’ll see returns on that investment. Even though the CVSA inspections may be weeks away, owner-operators benefit immensely by getting prepared for them now.

Use TruckingOffice PRO to run your entire owner-operator or small truck fleet trucking business.

The right trucking software will help you manage all the parts of your trucking business.

Our free trial will show you how you can manage your truck maintenance . You can sign up now, take care of your IFTA filing, and discover what a complete trucking management software program can do for you. Give us a try now!

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