Taxes are at the top of what owner-operators need to pay attention to. We do not want to pay taxes late or file them inaccurately. That leads to costly mistakes. Fortunately, trucking software like TruckingOffice PRO prevents expensive mistakes when it comes to trucking taxes.

Trucking Taxes

Everyone hates paying taxes.  Trucking taxes are even more complex. Some need special data and computations with adjustments when jurisdictions change up their rates.  That’s why truckers – owner-operators and fleet managers – need a software package that can handle updates and changes.  

Some truckers choose to be regional truckers.  They don’t need every jurisdiction’s tax rates.  But for the international or long-distance trucker, TruckingOffice updates all fuel tax rates every quarter.  (That alone is worth every penny!)

Seamless IFTA Taxes Reporting

The Interstate Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) being filed inaccurately could lead to time-consuming audits. Or get kicked off the road entirely. Without IFTA reporting software, owner-operators have to manually keep track of mileage and fuel purchases. Then they must calculate their IFTA fees manually. 

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Trucking software uses dispatch data or ELD data seamlessly tracks and produces an IFTA report. It will be perfect, down to the penny. The same goes for IRP. It’s the same numbers, just added up differently. That’s what computers do best: fast calculations. So whether it’s IFTA or IRP, those reports can be done quickly and without any extra work on the part of the owner-operator.

Safe Storage Options for Owner-Operators

TruckingOffice trucking software manages trucking taxes like IFTA and IRP by providing safe storage for files. Too many pieces of paper, too many loose documents and bam! Critical information is lost. TruckingOffice makes file saving easier.  Instead of a box full of unorganized receipts, our TruckingOffice stores those records and keeps them for you for instant recall.  

FileSafe allows you to save images of important documents, like signed BOLs.

When owner-operators have access to their files whenever and wherever they want, many systems work better. Especially when someone else is handling the office work. Use a system where images and files are easy for both the driver and the support staff to access.

 When tax time rolls around, it always helps to be safer than sorry. Owner-operators need a solution for saving all tax-related files and information. For security, are you sure that Google is your best option? When owner-operators use FileSafe for example, they can upload and download files at any time. Their files are always safe and secure.

Records for Audits Are Ready

Easy accessibility to records with trucking software gives the owner-operator the edge during DOT compliance reviews and tax audits.  Instead of spending weeks of worry and hours of frustration trying to find a critical piece of information, when TruckingOffice is in place, so are all the numbers and data that an auditor may want.

Trucking dispatch software is a must-have when it comes to making audits easier on owner-operators with their own authorities. 

Prepare For Tax Season By Learning More About TruckingOffice Software Today

So taxes won’t be a breeze – ever.  But using trucking software like TruckingOffice makes tax season far less difficult. We’ve got what you need to manage your day-to-day trucking business.

Tax season is one of the most stressful times of the year for owner-operators. Given the pressure that comes with tax season, use TruckingOffice to make sure everything is accurately filed and accessible throughout the year. Everyone wants that kind of peace of mind.

Trucking software helps save time while improving accuracy. Taxes aren’t the only way that trucking software helps owner-operators increase efficiency within their businesses. 

  • Dispatches
  • Invoice and invoice management
  • Driver records and payments
  • Maintenance logs and records

To find out about the ways TruckingOffice software benefits owner-operators regarding taxes and running a trucking business, start your free trial with TruckingOffice today!

While we’re confident that our tax rates for IFTA are correct and the processes in our program meet accounting standards, if you have a question about the legal or tax implications you’re facing, please contact a tax professional.

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