IFTA Reporting Software

The Interstate Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) filing must be done accurately because failing to file in a timely way can cost you a lot of money.  If you don’t file, DOT can put you off the road.  So you need to do it – but do you need to spend hours with pencil and paper?  Or re-enter all your data into a stand alone application that increases your chances of typos or mixing up your numbers? 

Using a trucking software the handles dispatches, invoices, and IFTA filings is the way to solve all your problems.  You can save time and avoid worry by using the mileage numbers you’ve already got in your trucking software.  Your fuel purchases can be instantly recorded for accurate computations without you spending extra time transferring the numbers.  With the right trucking software, your quarterly IFTA filing can take seconds instead of hours. 

That’s why we’re so excited about the IFTA reporting software features in TruckingOffice. They take the hassles away, while making sure you never over- or under-pay your obligations again. Here are some of the many features you’ll enjoy:


  • Easy dispatch entry screens
  • All miles calculated automatically by PC*Miler
  • Miles are recorded and sorted by state automatically
  • Easy fuel entry screens
  • Fuel gallons sorted and reported by state automatically
  • IFTA reporting tools with mileage and gallons by state totalled automatically – NO MATH
  • Easily update, edit, and manage all IFTA records


  • Increase accuracy of your IFTA tax reporting – don’t over pay
  • Saves valuable time
  • Eliminate worrying about an IFTA audit
  • Prevent most audits
  • If you do have an audit it will go much quicker and easier with accurate records
  • Enjoy the confidence that comes from having your IFTA records under control

TruckingOffice saves time, prevents mistakes, and gives you peace of mind that your IFTA matters are squared away. Our IFTA software also lessens the odds that you’ll be audited, but if you are, TruckingOffice helps ensure things will go smoothly. Plus, you’ll have all the records you need to prove you paid every penny owed.

Enjoy the Confidence of Safe and Accessible Software

Long gone are the days where we had to worry about disks and installations.  Now it’s all about keeping up with upgrades and having confidence that your data is safe and secure – and accessible.  Using TruckingOffice, you’re not locked into a single device that might get lost, stolen, or worse, dropped in a puddle when you’re inspecting your truck.  

TruckingOffice trucking software isn’t an app that you have to update.  We take care of it and never ask you to update.

Regardless of where you are or what platform you’re on, you can instantly access your data wherever you have internet access.  Changing from Apple to Android?  Not a problem.  

Your data is secured on our servers, not on your device, so if something happens to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, you don’t lose anything your data or access to your

  • dispatches with mileage
  • invoices
  • expense records
  • maintenance schedules and records

So you can have confidence that your IFTA report is accurate and ready to run at any time.


 Our IFTA preparation software stays up-to-date all the time. Nothing could be simpler or more reliable than our dispatching software.  Your invoices and accounting program is developed with the trucker in mind.

We’re so sure you’ll love TruckingOffice we’ll let you try it free for 30 days; no credit card or checking account information needed. So take it for a test drive today!