It’s nearly the end of the IFTA filing month.  As I’m writing this, there’s about 50 hours left until the July 31st deadline.  That IFTA sticker is the way you make money – but it’s also the way that you’re stuck filling out forms every 4 months.  That’s time you could drive more.  Earn more.  What’s stopping you?  A slow IFTA process?  What if we could show you a fast IFTA filing that speeds up everything else in your trucking business?

Fast IFTA AND Speed Up My Trucking Business?  That’s a pretty big claim.

Yep, and we mean it.

How long does it take you to

  1. create an invoice
  2. determine the routing
  3. track the state miles
  4. record the state miles
  5. send the BOL and invoice
  6. track the payments?

Are you stuck at home while you’re doing this?  That’s not fast.  It’s taking time from your family and the things you want to do at home.  And if you’re not using a good software system, you may be duplicating work to get the data where the software needs it.

A truly fast IFTA software solution takes that same data and creates a report without any extra work from you.

Is that the kind of fast IFTA that works for you?

We think so.  We hear from our users all the time about how fast they get the trucking business tasks done.  We hear about how quickly they can finish that IFTA filing. That gives them more time on the road.

Doing the IFTA by spreadsheet?  How long do that take – entering every state’s miles, then adding up all those miles, then checking out the current tax rates?  And if a trucker has a good quarter then there are even more numbers to compute – and maybe mess up.

With the right trucking management software, It doesn’t matter how many miles a trucker drives during the quarter.  TruckingOffice’s IFTA report can crunch that data and tell you exactly what you owe.   Fast – very fast.  In under a minute you can have a full picture of your IFTA payments.  Make the payments and you’re done.  No addition.  No calculators and maps and worry about if you did it right.

All that work you do for your business – routings, accounting, billing – it’s all the same data.  You use it in many ways in your trucking business.  Why should you have to go back and redo the work for the quarterly filing?  You shouldn’t.  You should be on the road to drive more.

If you’re spending more than 20 minutes a quarter on your IFTA, you’re spending too much time on it.

Yep, I know.  It’s a mere 2 days before your filing is due – and you don’t use TruckingOffice.  Maybe you’ve been using some other software that requires you to do a lot of the work – tracking miles per state by hand, checking each state’s current tax rate, making sure you’ve got all of your fuel receipts.

We can help you – for free.

Take all your loads from the last quarter and enter them into the TruckingOffice trucking management solutions package.  For free.

We’ll give you a free trial right now to let you enter your data – the routes, the fuel purchases, the expenses – and then we’ll take those numbers and give you a fast IFTA report.  Then track next month’s loads and see how easy it is for you to use a software that has been designed with truckers in mind – not accountants.  You can even manage your trucking business while you’re waiting for the loading crew in the dock.  That would really speed up your trucking business.

Interested?  Good!

We want you to drive more.  Spend less time on the paperwork.  Sign up for our free trial now.  No credit card or checking account numbers will be necessary.

Speed up your trucking business with TruckingOffice today!

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