Did you just sign up for your TruckingOffice free trial of our trucking management software to get your IFTA done fast?

You’ve filed your IFTA in record time and now… what?

How can you maximize your TruckingOffice free trial?

It would be pretty sad to just let the TruckingOffice free trial just go away after 30 days.  You wouldn’t buy a tool and then throw it away if you knew you were going to need it again.  Our free trial is the same thing.

But you’re not limited to using it for IFTA alone.  We’ve got a lot more to help you and your trucking business successful.

A trucker on our team

Did you know that there are a lot of apps out there for truckers – and a trucker was never consulted before the designs were finished?

I bet you did know that because you tried them out and discovered

  1. No support available
  2. No longer updated
  3. Not a clue how a trucker works
  4. A billing system that only accountants understand
  5. No method to attach BOL

The list could go on and on.  Frustrating, isn’t it?

We have a trucker on our team.  He’s been there from the very beginning and he’s still here.  We update our program for a variety of reasons – security, ease of use – but we never let anything go public without his approval first.  He knows trucking.  He knows what you need and how you work.

For example:  invoicing.

We know the challenge of managing the business end of trucking.

The details of getting an invoice out are complicated by life on the road.  Some truckers save all their invoicing to one day a month when they’re home.  In a dozen envelopes, they’ve got all those pieces of paper – receipts, BOL, mileage – and have to try to remember the details.  Maybe it was a load at the beginning of the month and the details are now hazy.  Did you get the mileage right?  Did the fuel receipts go with the right load?

How to use your TruckingOffice free trial for invoicing

When you used TruckingOffice for your IFTA, you learned our easy invoice entry system and how to enter the data in less than a minute.  Did you also know you can upload images of receipts, BOL and even pictures of your odometer to our FileSafe™system so that you don’t have to manage paper any longer?  Now it’s as easy as pie to press a couple of buttons and send off an invoice with a copy of the BOL to the shipper while you’re still in your cab in the shipping yard.

At the very same time as you enter this data for the invoice, the IFTA report now has the data it needs for your next filing.  You’ve got yourself a customer list with the shipper.  You’re able to analyze your trip to see your costs per load, the revenue per mile, and even your profits for the load.

Since you entered a lot of that data for the last quarter already, you can see the state of your business for last quarter now.

Did your last IFTA program do that for you?

For example:  maintenance.

It’s not obvious to someone outside trucking how important it is to have regular maintenance done and keeping records of it.  A computer programmer probably doesn’t even know about the DOT inspections.  But we know and we decided early to include a maintenance module in TruckingOffice.

Since so many maintenance items are based on mileage, we made sure that you’ll get enough warning to get that oil change or those tires checked.  You can schedule out your maintenance tasks and get reminders when it’s time to get the work done.

(Does your IFTA program do that for you?  Didn’t think so.)

How to use your TruckingOffice free trial for maintenance

Somehow, you’re tracking your maintenance repairs and scheduling now.  You’ll find our TruckingOffice maintenance module easy to use.  If you don’t think you’ve got anything due in the next 25 or so days before your free trial runs out, then test it by entering a few dates to see what will show up.  As you’re getting ready for winter, you’ve probably got a few extra things you want to do.  Put those in now.

TruckingOffice free trial offer is the tool that works for you

Use this tool, don’t throw it away.  Keep adding this month’s invoices.  Watch and see what you learn about your trucking business with TruckingOffice’s free trail.

There are dozens of trucking management software systems out there.  You need to be able to assess them.  That’s the value of the free trial.  But don’t take our word for what we can do (and we’ve only mentioned 2 of the many things our free trial can do for you.)  Try it out yourself and see what you can learn from a TruckingOffice free trial.

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