Obtaining your trucking authority is a major milestone for a trucker. When you’ve got goals of succeeding as an entrepreneur, you need your trucking authority to get started.

What is Your Trucking Authority?

A trucking authority, also known as a carrier or operating authority, is a government-issued document that allows owner-operators to officially do business with customers, under your own MC number. Instead of being just a driver, you’re now the business owner.

Having your own authority makes your business look professional to brokers and clients. You can make more money with it. It frees you to be far more selective about what loads you take and where you’ll go. There are a lot of benefits in getting it. But be aware, there is a cost in time, money, and effort. You won’t get it overnight.

Some of the requirements for obtaining a trucking authority include:

These steps look complicated. You’ll find plenty of people online who are willing to take your money to do the work, but other than trying to find someone to help you with the BOC-3, it’s not complicated.

TruckingOffice has a white paper ready to explain the process to you at no charge. After you read it, maybe you’ll decide you want to pay someone to help you, but… maybe you won’t.

Trucking Authority and Success

By taking the steps to obtain a trucking authority, owner-operators build the framework they need for long-term success within the trucking industry.

We want you to be successful too. Trucking and truckers are the lifeblood of our country. Without you, we won’t eat. We won’t have the tools we need to build our homes (or the materials to build them with.)

Getting your own authority is the first step to building your trucking future. We want to help you. Starting a new business – it can be complicated. All those things that the home office took care of while all you had to do was drive – those are now your responsibilities. Did you know that you have to buy IRP plates? Pay the HVUT? File a quarterly IFTA? Make sure you’ve gotten paid?

It’s now all on you.

Get On the Road to Success

As a new entrepreneur, you have a lot to learn. Those life lessons can be expensive. Or you can choose early to use the right tools to build your business.

After your rig, the most important investment is how you’re going to get organized and stay organized. If you have your trucking authority but can’t file your IFTA taxes, then it doesn’t matter if you have it. You’ll be out of business.

You can find help in getting your trucking authority. We’re here to help you get your business going and growing.

The right trucking software can help answer questions about the day-to-day responsibilities that owner-operators are faced with. We make your life easier by streamlining billing, organizing your recordkeeping, and easily reporting important metrics. To learn more about the ways TruckingOffice can help your trucking business remain on the road towards success after securing a trucking authority, start your free trial today.

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