Generally, TruckingOffice focuses on long-distance truckers and owner-operators who have their own trucking authority and small businesses. Small fleet managers and fleet builders use TruckingOffice for trucking software and ELD. So Work Trucks might not look like something we’d normally look at, but that is changing as of now. Work Truck Week in Indianapolis, Indiana, looks like an event we want to attend.


1 We don’t know a lot about work trucks.

Big engines. Moving things around. Okay, that’s all I know right now about work trucks, other than how they rumble when they drive down my street. But as I look at the Work Truck Week conference education schedule preview, there are several education sessions that make me curious. The Importance of Managing Work Truck Fleet Data in 2023 seminar sounds like something we here at TruckingOffice do know about. That’s what our software does. Managing Work Truck data is what anyone in the work truck field ought to know – or learn right away. That’s only one of several ed sessions that are worth the cost of admission to the conference.

2 The world of the Work Trucks

There are so many work trucks out there. Is how a company might manage maintenance for a cement mixer the same as a work truck that’s hauling the back hoe out to a site? We don’t know. The world of the work truck industry is wide. Work trucks impact everyone – truckers, drivers, people on the roads that need to be repaired RIGHT NOW. (Sorry, we’ve been waiting a long time for some road work to be done. We’re a little passionate about it.)

With knowledge comes opportunity. Expanding a business that uses work trucks – maybe different trucks than what they have right now – must start with knowledge and confidence that their future looks brighter with that investment. The Work Truck Week will be an ideal place to learn and to ask questions before making big decisions.

3 The Green Truck Summit

Want to talk about the future of trucking and the environment?

The supply chain issues in 2021 and 2022 have shown how important the trucking industry is and its impact on our society. At the same time, concern about the impact of trucks on the environment is legit. The implications and what we see coming in the future (and those impacts) should be discussed. The Green Truck Summit is also offering a Ride and Drive event for people to get inside vehicles with new electric engines. That alone makes us want to go try these out for ourselves. The Green Truck Summit is concurrent with the Work Truck Week event. Check the website for additional details about the cost of tickets for both events.

Work Truck Week looks like a lot of fun!

We’re convinced that if you work with work trucks, you should get to this conference in Indianapolis, Indiana! Can you get us some swag? Never mind! We’re gonna go!

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