For a long time, one of the things that separated the big fleets from smaller owner-operators trucking software capable of catapulting their business into the next level. That’s no longer the case. There are affordable options for owner-operators for trucking software too. For owner-operators, the gap is closing between their businesses and the mega fleets.

Even though there are many benefits to trucking software that make scaling a vehicle fleet to the next level, many owner-operators don’t see why it’s a necessity right away. Why trucking software is a must for owner-operators hoping to scale up their operations?

Benefits of Using Trucking Software

Trucking software saves owner-operators time due to many manual tasks being automated. That can allow fleet managers to focus on aspects of the business more vital to its overall growth.

Some of the benefits of using trucking software in your logistics business include:

  • IFTA Reporting Made Simple

    There are numerous ways trucking software makes managing finances easier for fleet managers. None are more vital than matters dealing with the Interstate Fuel Tax Agreement. Trucking software that automatically tracks mileage and fuel is an owner-operator’s best friend if an IFTA audit ever arises.
  • Easy Invoice Tracking

Invoice tracking can improve the quality of a fleet manager’s life. Professional invoices help owner-operators stand out to customers from competitors who don’t take the time to do so. Trucking software with easy invoice tracking enabled also helps fleet managers identify outstanding balances, along with customers who may have paid early. Those insights play a crucial role in helping fleet managers determine how to proceed with customer relationships. Trucking software can go a long way in helping owner-operators with their long-term strategic planning.

  • Load Planner

Leaving no stone unturned and getting every detail possible about a load before it hits the road is crucial in helping meet the expectations of customers. That’s exactly where Load Planner software comes into play. Trucking software with Load Planning software captures all the data on file for a load and displays it in one convenient place. Along with ensuring that fleet managers never lose track of a load, trucking software with Load Planning software provides fleets with a similar workflow process as many other trucking companies across the nation. Getting on level playing ground with other trucking companies is the first step to scaling up operations.

Expert Trucking Assistance Along the Way

Now more than ever, there are enough resources available to help ensure the long-term health and success of your trucking company. All it takes is for the fleet manager to leverage those resources properly. One of the biggest resources necessary for growing the size of a fleet, and eventually building a mega fleet of your own is a reliable trucking software program. Affordable trucking software that provides owner-operators with the insights necessary in helping make choices that will lead to managing a larger fleet, sooner than expected.

For more insights about how affordable trucking software can contribute to growing the size of your fleet, get in touch with a TruckingOffice trucking software expert from TruckingOffice today.

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