It won’t be long till that ELD mandate deadline.  Are you waiting to buy an ELD at the last possible minute?  Where are you going to buy it?

We don’t really blame you for hoping that the mandate will be delayed.  Every day, I see something come across my newsfeed on my smartphone about the ELD – either a delay or denying that there will be a delay.

It’s hard to think about making a commitment of money to an ELD system if you’re not sure that you’ll need it.

Buy an ELD now

The worst reason to buy an ELD on December 17 will be because you don’t have any more time.  You think you can pick something up at the truck stop and get it installed in the parking lot.  After all, everyone says theirs is easy to use.

Of course everyone says that.  It’s the same “everyone” that says trucking is simple and anyone can drive a truck.  What do they know?

It’s what you need to know that matters.  If you wait till the last possible minute, you may be choosing something that isn’t compliant, isn’t easy to use, and makes your life more complicated.  And a few weeks later, you’ll be looking at another big expense to replace an unusable ELD.

So how do you know what you need?  You could go to the FMCSA website.  They’ve got a list of self-certified suppliers.  (We’re on that list.)

But that list wasn’t written with you in mind.  It’s just a list.  It says this piece of equipment meets the requirements.  It won’t tell you what you need to know about living with it in your cab.

We’ve got a buyers guide that you can download and read right now to help you decide what you need.  No charge.  Just go here and ask for it.

Buy an ELD from us!

Are you looking for an ELD that’s

  • easy to install
  • simple to use
  • keeps your data private
  • compliant to the governmental regs?

We’ve got it for you.

You don’t want bells and whistles and the price those will cost?  We’ve got it for you.

You want a reliable, safe system that’s from a company that’s worked with truckers for years?  We’ve got it for you.

Do you want it at a great price?  We’ve got that for you too!

Our special offer is not going to last long.  Get your ELD at our rock bottom offer now and stop worrying about when you will buy an ELD.