Trucking Management Software Tools Secrets

Have you ever taken just a bit too long to replace a tool? Then when the new tool works, you can’t believe you waited? Or maybe you’ve discovered that a tool you have does another task that you’d never guessed it would? Some trucking management software tools are like that: we quickly learn how powerful it is but we don’t know all it can do until later.

We’ve got a few secrets up our TruckingOffice trucking management software – tools that you may not know about but we are sure you need to know about.

1. Revenue Per Mile and Expenses Per Mile

Truckers are in a cash-tight industry. How many of us have found ourselves in a situation where the shipper is probably trying to cut corners and makes us wait to get paid? Of course, TruckingOffice TMS has an invoice management module, but did you know that the same data that comes out of your invoices and expenses can also tell you how much money you’re making per mile? Or how much it costs you to run per mile?

Why is that important? Revenue per mile is how much money you’re making. Don’t you want to know that? So the next time you go to the load board, you can make decisions about loads with your numbers in mind. It won’t just be about taking the highest paying load – everyone’s trying for that one – but to get one that makes you the most profit. Because sometimes it’s not the obvious one. Sometimes it’s smarter to take 4 or 5 full loads a shorter distance than it is to go clear across the country for the big check.

Knowing your expenses per mile – how much it costs you to drive – can be the difference between taking a load at a loss or deadheading extra miles for a better, more profitable load. But how will you know?

Use TruckingOffice’s Company Overview Report.

This report has been designed with truckers and owner-operators in mind. It does the calculations you need in a split second so you can make that decision about a load as fast as possible. Trucking management software tools need to help you make good decisions with the data you’ve already entered. You’ll worry less with TruckingOffice in your back pocket.

2. LTL Load Planning Board

How anyone ever managed LTL shipping without a computer is beyond us. LTL shipping requires organizational skills that are on an epic level. Trying to put together a trip that makes sense, makes good time, and makes money requires some high-level analysis skills. Using the TruckingOffice Pro Load Planning Board is the best tool we know of to help you put those different loads into one coherent plan – and manage all of the invoicing and load tracking – all at the same time.

Many TruckingOffice Pro users don’t know about our load planning board. If you don’t haul LTL and don’t plan to, you probably just ignore it. But COVID Has changed a lot of our minds about what types of loads we’ll take. When circumstances may make LTL shipping our best option, it’s good to know there’s a tool already in your toolbox to help you manage the ins and outs of a new trucking option.

3. Integration with QuickBooks

TruckingOffice trucking management software tools were originally designed to manage a trucking company – a small owner-operator outfit or a larger fleet – in particular, the dispatches and the invoices. Over time, our company has developed into a full-service trucking management software that handles everything from the accounting to the maintenance to driver management/payments and everything in between.

However, there are many truckers who work with accountants who want access to the business data through Intuit’s QuickBooks. We get that – accountants gotta accountant, just like truckers gotta truck. So TruckingOffice has an integration option with QuickBooks. You can export data to QuickBooks almost instantly and send it to your accountants.

For some truckers, that may be necessary – but you don’t need Quickbooks if you have TruckingOffice. Our accounting module works from dispatch through invoicing (along with some nifty uses of BOL images to speed up the process) right through making sure you’ve got all the details correct so you’ll get paid faster.

If you’re new to trucking, you might think you need an accountant and QuickBooks. You will be pleased to discover that TruckingOffice can do all you need – and save you the money that an accountant or an extra software license would cost you.

How TruckingOffice Software Features Can Help You Reduce Trucking Costs

Technology makes it easier to be a trucker.  Tasks that once took several hours to complete can now be finished in a matter of minutes with today’s high-tech tools.  

With a trucking software, drivers and managers can manage all aspects of running their business with just a few clicks.  How does this translate to reducing costs?  Here are a few examples:

  1. Generates reports so you can see actual costs per mile.  This information helps you make more accurate quotes and get the most revenue possible from a load.
  2. Real-time data helps you maintain DOT and IFTA compliance to prevent fines or penalties.  The data is also useful during roadside inspections. 
  3. Helps you plan routes that will save time and reduce fuel costs.
  4. Monitors vehicle maintenance to help you avoid costly repairs or breakdowns.
  5. Improves communication between drivers, dispatch, managers, and customers to prevent wasted time and wasted miles. 

Learn More About Trucking Management Software Tools

Trucking is always a challenging business. That’s why you need the data to work for you, instead of you messing around with complicated numbers and formulas. Everything that TruckingOffice offers was designed with truckers in mind – by truckers. You need the right tools to be a success on the road – and TruckingOffice TMS provides them.

Of course, there’s more to our TruckingOffice TMS system than we can possibly list here. Are you interested in learning more about how our TMS can reduce your costs? We’ll make it easy for you.  Check out these customer reviews and then sign up for our free trial.  You’ll be surprised at the many ways we can help you get organized and save money.

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