It’s a simple idea:  if a truck is half empty, fill it with more freight to make more money.  Is there a simple LTL shipping software to help truckers do just that?

Simple LTL Shipping

We’re seeing a big surge in the trucking industry right now.  With the explosive growth of online shopping, truckers are hauling a lot more small loads than they used to.  Putting together smaller loads for one trip makes a lot of sense.  The trick is finding the loads and putting them together.

Customer Base vs. Load Boards  A trucker can run an entire trucking business off a load board.  But in LTL in particular, having regular customers who are likely to have smaller loads can be easier than trying to build a profitable trip off a load board.  Building a customer base may not be as hard as other parts of trucking, but it’s a key component to building a sustainable trucking business.  That base needs to be tended like a plant in a garden.  Keeping contact with previous shippers and reminding them of your service is  start.  Providing excellent customer service with communication and prompt billing will benefit your customers – and you in the long run.

Once you get those little loads, it’s time to put them together.  The right tool will allow you to plan your trips in a logical way.  It will use PC*Miler to create the best trucking routes and make billing simple.  What you need for that is software.

Simple LTL Shipping Software

It’s hard to imagine that anyone ever managed and LTL shipping without software.  This complicated process required the ability to put puzzle pieces together must have taken a lot of time.  Back in the day when there weren’t computerized load boards where freight opportunities might move in a matter of seconds, this might not have been quite an issue.  But now, getting the loads off the boards requires some speed and confidence in your scheduling software.  Simple LTL shipping software has taken time to develop.  TruckingOffice took a while to add in the LTL shipping module because we wanted it to be correct and simple.

TruckingOffice Pro manages LTL shipping with simplicity and ease.  

If you’re looking for a simple LTL shipping software, TruckingOffice Pro is for you.  Our Load Planner and PC*Miler combination will make LTL shipping a viable option for your trucking business.  You can make more money in LTL by using the right tool – TruckingOffice Pro.

It’s not just about getting the loads organized.  Trucker business organization is always a challenge when your business isn’t just in an office or a truck cab.

  • Where do you keep the receipts?
  • How do you keep the receipts?
  • How do you track of maintenance?
  • Did the invoices get paid?
  • How do you track miles by state for the IFTA and IRP?

TruckingOffice Pro isn’t just about LTL.  It covers all aspects of the trucking business.  If you’re looking for a simple LTL shipping software, why not get one package that does it all?

Better, why not try the whole software solution for free?  We’ll give you a free trial of TruckingOffice – the whole program, not just parts of it like some trucking software programs do – so you can see how the right software can make you the best trucking company you can be.

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