We’ve been getting this question recently. Since it’s the federal Department of Transportation / FMSCA requirement for an electronic logging device (ELD), do I have to have one if I don’t drive outside of my state? If my state’s hours of service (HOS) restrictions are different from the fed’s HOS restrictions, do I need an ELD? What are my state ELD requirements?

Texas HOS rules

The federal limits for hours of service for truck drivers:

  • 14 hours per shift per day. 10 hours off the clock.
  • 11 hours of service driving time total per day. with breaks after 8 hours off duty.
  • 60 hours per week, then 34 consecutive hours off the road.

Of course, there are exceptions. Weather, off-duty not driving, personal conveyance – these all apply.

Texas rules say different for truckers who ONLY drive in Texas – not outside of the state.

  • 15 hours of working time, 12 hours driving time after 8 hours off duty (including time in the bunk.)
  • 70 hours in 7 days, then 34 consecutive hours off the road.

That ONLY DRIVE IN TEXAS part is important. Intrastate truckers get these different rules. If you’re crossing into any other state (New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas or Louisiana), the federal regulations apply.

Florida, we’re watching you 👓

Florida, due to the hurricanes that blow through, often changes their HOS limits. Like Maryland right now, which is waiving the HOS restrictions due to the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, the states are conceding that the current rule structure can’t work when bridges are down or hurricanes are coming.

Of course, exemptions apply. In Texas, for example, if you’re hauling cotton seed, the instrastate trucking HOS rules don’t apply. (I’m not sure I understand that – it may be that if cotton seeds get too hot, it kills the seeds? If you know why this is a specific restriction, let us know in the comments. We’re curious up here in Ohio.)

TruckingOffice ELD is FMCSA approved

Truckers have to understand HOS

If you’re new to trucking, this is one of the most complicated set of rules to understand, but it’s vital for you to know them. And to use an electronic logging device that helps you track your hours. TruckingOffice ELD tracks your HOS, but it does more.

TruckingOffice ELD

  • gives immediate access to updated information to drivers.
  • tracks miles per state for perfect records for IFTA and IRP
  • uses your smartphone instead of requiring special equipment and internet access.

Not only is TruckingOffice ELD FMCSA compliant, it also integrates with TruckingOffice PRO trucking business management software. If you’re an owner-operator, you need trucking business software to control your

  • dispatches
  • invoices
  • routings
  • maintenance
  • IRP and IFTA filings

TruckingOffice’s business reports are configured for trucking businesses. Is your accounting software able to track miles per state to be sure you’re paying exactly the right amount of fuel taxes? TruckingOffice PRO trucking software does – using the TruckingOffice ELD to be precise.

Check out TruckingOffice today! And check those state HOS requirements. We want you on the road!

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