Since the ELD Mandate went into effect in 2017, drivers have gotten used to the electronic logging devices collecting data about their trips. ELD trucking data was one of the biggest concerns that truck drivers back then. No one wanted the US government to have more access to our business details.

As of now, when a law officer requests an Hours of Service (HOS) report from an ELD, the inspection report for the past 8 days is sent to the FMSCA. That’s it. There’s no continuous monitoring of trucks. The regulations require that the data be kept for 6 months.

Is Your ELD Trucking Data Up for Sale?

The short answer is yes, it may be. There are ELD companies out there that practice data mining.

What is Data Mining?

Data mining is the process of searching and analyzing a large batch of raw data in order to identify patterns and extract useful information.

Companies use data mining software to learn more about their customers. It can help them to develop more effective marketing strategies, increase sales, and decrease costs.

That doesn’t sound bad, does it? After all, analysis that might help us save money, use less fuel, and become more efficient at our jobs is a good thing, right?

Except – they may be using your data without your consent. Without notifying you. Without your knowledge.

How do you feel about that?

Someone else is making a profit off of you.

And you’re paying them for it.

How TruckingOffice ELD Protects You

TruckingOffice ELD was FMCSA-approved right away when the ELD mandate went into effect.

TruckingOffice ELD has always been FMCSA-approved.

We have been serving our ELD customers for 6 years. And our trucking management software for trucking businesses has been working for owner operators and small fleets for 15 years.

Your trucking business data security has always been our highest priority. Our team has worked to keep your ELD trucking data safe too.

You can trust TruckingOffice to keep your data safe. You can also trust us to keep your data private.

TruckingOffice does not use your data for data mining. We don’t sell your data or any analysis of your trucking business data to anyone ever. Your business is exactly that. Your business. Giving others access to your ELD trucking data or HOS or anything else is not our business model.

From the beginning, TruckingOffice has been looking out for the owner operator truckers. We don’t have a big price for bells and whistles your small fleet doesn’t need. You know that we’ve got your back. In a crazy economy, we’ve worked to keep your costs low while providing the simplest, easiest to use trucking management system and ELD. We’ve even integrated them to make your trucking business easier to run.

But we respect your privacy.

So if you’re looking for a trucking management software package that is secure and private, look no further. If you want an ELD trucking system for your vehicles that doesn’t abuse your trust, we’re here for you.

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