So you’re thinking about investing in some software today, since it’s Cyber Monday. Maybe you’re thinking it’s time to upgrade. Or your cobbled together Google docs, maps, and spreadsheets are taking more time than you want. Or maybe you just want to make more money in trucking.

A Proven Way to Make More Money in Trucking

We did an internet search for make more money in trucking and I’m sure you’ll know what the AI generated content said: take better paying loads.

Well, duh.

Thanks, ChatGPT for being obvious. It’s not like we’re looking for poorly-paid loads.

There were other suggestions, too. But the one we expected to see wasn’t there.

Get Organized to Make More Money in Trucking

If you’re new to the trucking industry, then you might not know how important it is to keep yourself well-organized. That a single lost piece of paper might cost you your entire fee.

You’ve heard TIME equals MONEY. In this case, it’s absolutely true. The time we spend on the road makes us money. The time we spend off the road usually doesn’t. (Usually, it costs us money like office paperwork, maintenance, or vehicle repairs.)

In other words:

Time on the road =$$.

Time off the road =$0.

Organization is the key to reducing the off-the-road office time. By keeping all your data in one place and accessible, you can handle many of your accounting and office tasks from the shipping dock while you’re waiting for the shipping crew to do their work.

“But Google is available on the road,” we hear owner operators say.

“We’ve spent so much time and effort into creating the Google documents for our invoices, Maps for our routings, spreadsheets for IFTA and IRP.”

We hear you. You’ve spent hundreds of hours creating those programs and macros. You’ve linked spreadsheet cells and documents and databases. You understand your system because you built it.

Sunken Cost Fallacy

And you’re not willing to give that all up. That’s completely understandable that you’ve put heart and soul and maybe a few stubbed fingers into your system. Why give it up for anything else? What could be better?

That’s called the Sunken Cost Fallacy. It’s that mindset that puts new brakes on a 20-year-old cab that needs a new engine. Maybe? Maybe not? “Sure, since we’ve already paid for a suspension system and an oil change.”

Here’s the deal: sometimes the money we’ve already spent is enough. Sometimes it’s time to move on.

Invest in Your Future, Not Your Past

To make more money in trucking, getting organized with a software program that gives more value is smart.

For example:

Does your spreadsheet compute your net revenue per mile, including your monthly expenses such as loan payment and insurance payments? Or what about per week?

Why are these Trucker Stats™ important? Because when you can take your data and slice and dice it in new ways, you can find the ways to make more money in trucking.

Cut Your Expenses

When you have your full Trucker stats™ to look at, you can find where you’re spending money you don’t need to spend. You can look at specific costs such as fuel purchases and see if a fuel card is a good investment. Sometimes, making more money in trucking is about keeping it in your pocket.

Invest in a trucking software program what gives you everything you need for your trucking business.

TruckingOffice PRO

Since it’s Cyber Monday, we’re featuring TruckingOffice PRO trucking business management software.

But we’re not having a sale. You see, we offer these great prices year round. We even offer a free trial for you to get a feel for what you get when you use TruckingOffice PRO’s extensive list of features.

Your trucking business will flourish and grow with TruckingOffice PRO. Sign up now for a free trial of the best owner operator trucking software available at a price for an owner operator or small fleet business.

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