What are trucker stats?  If you google the term, you get transportation industry statistics.  Those can be interesting, but if you want to know how you’re doing in your trucking business, they’re no help.  TruckingOffice PRO trucking software has details that do apply to your trucking business from the data you have.  What’s better – you don’t have to do the math or extra data entry!

What are Trucker Stats?

How do you know when you’re making money? 

It’s not just how much money you have at the end of the month.  The smarter way to is know how much you’re spending versus how much you have coming in per mile.

Per mile?  Is that even possible?

Sure it is.

Trucker stats are the basic numbers you need to know because that’s how we’re paid:  per mile.

What do you need to consider to find your basic numbers like

  • Revenue per mile
  • Expenses per mile
  • Profit per mile.

to know that you’re going to make money on a load?

Know Your Trucker Stats to Make Money

We asked Google how to compute revenue per mile.  The answer was complicated.  Very complicated. 

And frankly, it was incomplete.  Google ignored some expensive and critical expenses for every trucker:

  • Insurance – equipment, business, personal and medical
  • Maintenance
  • Fuel costs
  • Loan payments
  • Business expenses – professional such as accounting, office supplies
  • Equipment and tools

You know – all the things that owner-operators pay for. 

Most of those expenses are not paid out per mile.  Some are monthly, some are semi-annual, some are daily.  So computing them becomes a huge math headache waiting to happen.

Computers only work with the data they’re given.  How does your computer get that data?

Someone’s got to put it in… unless it’s already there.

When you know your trucker stats – Per Mile – then you know if you’re making money.

– Allen Campbell, trucker and founder of TruckingOffice

What if you’re already putting that data into your computer?  Does it know the formula to compute a Per Mile number?

TruckingOffice trucking software does.

From Dispatch to Per Mile with TruckingOffice PRO

When you enter a dispatch into TruckingOffice PRO trucking software, the details of the route become the basis of your Trucker Stats.  Not until the invoice is paid in full can we know exactly what the Per Mile per load revenue is.  But TruckingOffice takes all those other numbers, such as your maintenance expenses, your insurance and business expenses (like paying for software for your trucking company, which happens to be deductible!) and computes the Per Mile numbers for you.

You don’t have to add in anything except the expenses as you pay them.  You gotta put those numbers in anyway for your taxes, so why not use them to make sure that your trucking business is making you money?

That’s what a complete trucking software must do.  We talk a lot about IFTA and IRP, tracking miles per state, etc.  But if all a trucking software does is print up invoices (without tracking them to be sure they’re paid) or compute the fuel taxes, it’s stealing your money.

Complete trucking software packages cover the entire business.  And as it does that, you can benefit from your trucker stats: two simple numbers that will take your business from barely making it to making it successful.

Profit, Revenue, and Expenses

When you need to know how your trucking business is doing, you need two numbers.

Expenses per mile

Where are you spending money?  How much are you spending? 

Revenue per mile

How much money will a load generate for your trucking business?

Profit per mile

How much money do you need to get per mile to make a profit?  Are you taking loads for less than that when you should be asking for more?

When you know your Per Mile numbers, then you know your value.  Then you know what to bid for a load and when to pass on an offer.

That’s how you build a successful trucking business.

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