As a long-haul trucker, it is important that you are gathering data about your drive time, driving efficient routes, accurately delivering your shipments and more. Using an electronic logging device, or ELD, can help you gather your hours of service more accurately. It can also provide other insightful data which can help you streamline your operations more accurately. The use of ELDs has many benefits. For example, you save time on filling out log paperwork. Also, ELDs help to prevent trucking accidents on the road caused by fatigue. Read below to learn more about why an ELD can make your life easier as a long-haul trucker.

ELDs Help Reduce Expenses

The use of an ELD will save you money in several ways by streamlining the trucking process which in turn increases your time on the road earning money. For example, it will help prevent costly Hours of Service (HOS) violations, for which truckers can face fines. ELDs will alert drivers when they have reached their maximum hours so they can pull over to rest, avoiding HOS fines. Beyond driving hours, ELDs also track exactly how much time a driver spends idling. Idling for too long or too frequently can significantly increase the amount of money spent on fuel. By seeing idle time with the ELD, drivers can adjust their driving patterns to save on fuel.

ELDs also expedite inspections – the device will gather important data that inspectors can easily access to complete inspections faster, which will increase your time spent on the road. Finally, ELDs improve customer service as the customer can see exactly where their shipment is. This can increase customer satisfaction. It also saves you time as you will know exactly when your shipment is ready to be picked up which improves the efficiency of your drive time.

ELDs Improve Driver Deliveries

ELDs will help increase communication between a dispatcher and their drivers which allows for smoother deliveries. Fleet managers can easily see where each of their vehicles is through GPS tracking, which minimizes the excessive communication between managers and drivers about route questions and allows the manager and driver to plan the most efficient route. Streamlining route operations saves both fuel and time, allowing for drivers to use their time more productively.

Additionally, with an ELD, the dispatcher can give the driver load information as soon as it is received. The ELD will also remove the chances of transposing wrong addresses or phone numbers. In other words, it enables a more accurate shipment process. Problems with deliveries overall will be prevented as the ELD will streamlined from the dispatcher to the driver to delivery.

ELDs Increase Driver Safety

According to a study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), ELDs can save 26 lives and prevent 562 injuries per year. Because ELDs track drive time, they also track when it is time for you to rest. This prevents driving under fatigue symptoms, which is one of the leading causes of long-haul trucking accidents. ELDs also track things such as idle time, acceleration rate, and other driving behaviors which can help drivers recognize the ways in which they can improve the quality and safety of their driving. Additionally, ELDs are connected to the vehicle’s diagnostic port. This means that you are automatically altered when there is a potential issue, allowing you to stay ahead of vehicle maintenance, saving you money and time.

While it may take drivers some time to adjust to the new technology of ELDs, using them can save you time and money, making your life easier. They also help drivers feel safer and more connected to their fleet managers. As a long-haul trucker, consider implementing ELDs in your vehicles today!

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