The idea of switching over to an electronic logging device system may seem like a huge hassle for drivers, owner-operators and fleet builders alike. After all, paper logs may not have been 100% accurate all the time, but they got the job done, right? Well, we are here to say that regardless of how we may feel about the ELD mandate, the new ELD standards aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Ensuring that your drivers and trucks are ELD compliant is something you will want to get right the first time around. Unfortunately, not all ELD systems are created equal. The one you choose could end up making or breaking your business. 

Choosing an ELD System? Pick Wisely.

You may be tempted to go for the cheapest ELD system you can find and we don’t blame you. You don’t want to have to install these things in your trucks anyway, so why should you spend a bunch of money doing it? Or maybe you decide to shoot for the top and choose a system with all the bells and whistles, assuming that the most complicated system is the one that will have all your bases covered. 

Instead of going for the bottom of the barrel or the most complicated, why not keep it simple and just get the best? Our ELD system was designed from the ground up by real truckers who know the ins and outs of the ELD mandate and how to ensure electronic log compliance for trucking companies with fleets of all sizes. It makes tracking and reporting hours of service simple and stress-free and includes everything you need to get compliant with the ELD mandate quickly and affordably, with nothing extra to confuse or complicate. 

We’ve been hard at work to get our ELD system tested.  There’s some self-certification we have to provide to the government before we can go to market. We’re doing that now.  Because we want to get it right the first time.

Get ELD Right

Probably none of us think that the ELD is in a trucker’s best interest. That being said, we’ve got to deal with the regulations or get out of the business.  So we don’t want to waste any time on a product that isn’t 100% compliant.  Have you looked at the regulations about the ELD?  It’s over 200 pages long, in tiny print, three columns per page.  Is anybody going to get it right?

Sure, some programmers will get the instructions. Don’t do this, must do that, can’t be this, has to be that.  And a programmer will produce an app or a web-based computer program that will exactly meet those specs.

But there are crooks out there who are making a cheap ELD that doesn’t meet the government standards.  You’ll pay your money and they’ll be on their way. Offering no help with troubles when the system breaks down or the reporting features don’t work.

If they’ve never been on the road in a truck. Is what they produce going to be any good for a trucker?

Get ELD Buyers Guide for Free

We don’t have time to waste or money to burn in this purchase.  We must get ELD right the first time.

Our free ELD Buyers Guide has all the details about what you need to consider before buying an ELD for your truck.  This is critical information for you as an owner-operator.  You have to know what the ELD must do. As a consumer you also want to make sure that any equipment and software you buy meets these standards as well as what you want to live with.

What’s Right for You?

We’ve got all the necessary parts in our ELD system. But we don’t have cables that will clutter up your cab.  We don’t have extra bells and whistles that will cost you extra money.  We don’t have complicated instructions that will make it hard to use.

What’s right for you?  Do you want the simplest, easiest system that won’t cost much?  Do you want regular support and confidence that what you’ve invested in is worth your money?

We want to provide that for you.  That’s why we go through the testing and the compliance review with the government to be sure that what you get is what you need.  What you get is right for you.

Before you buy an ELD system, get our free ebook What You Need to Know about the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate today.

Keep an eye on us.  TruckingOffice is almost ready to release our ELD system.  You’ll want to see how a leader in trucking management software produces the best ELD you can use.

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