One of the main goals for anyone who gets into the trucking business is to grow and scale up their operations. The obstacles to growth aren’t evident at first, but after some time in the industry that changes. Luckily, many of those blocks to growing a trucking fleet are overcome with trucking software. Trucking software is crucial in helping fleet builders solve many of the everyday problems they’re faced with.

Make Important Tasks Easier to Manage

Like every other business, taking care of the paperwork demands a lot of time. The only way to control it is to get organized. Trucking software that doesn’t handle file management and make it faster to find the information you need isn’t worth a penny.

Whether it’s the shipping information from the broker or the maintenance records for a DOT audit, fleet builders need quick and easy access to those files. Then when you’re ready to look at expansion, you’ve got the data you need to make responsible financial decisions. That’s where having trucking software that automates file management comes into play.

Trucking software that makes file management easier is instrumental to help fleet managers meet their long-term business goals. Fleet managers are free to tend to more pressing matters instead of trying to find lost information. Good trucking software makes file management easier, including easy driver settlement management and IRP reports.

A full trucking software package provides IFTA reporting which eliminates hours of manual tracking. Trucking dispatch software makes file management easy for fleet builders, too. Trucking dispatch software contributes to the growth of a fleet in other ways, too. One of the ways trucking dispatch software supports their growth is by tracking what fleet builders care about most.

Track the Metrics That Matter

Trucking software tracks metrics that can help uncover vital details a fleet builder needs. Those metrics allow fleet builders make informed decisions to meet their business goals sooner than they’ve ever imagined, including

  • cost per mile
  • expenses per mile
  • revenue per mile
  • revenue per load
  • expenses per load
  • driver pay per load.

Accounting software isn’t going to give you that data. To say that trucking dispatch software that tracks metrics like these automatically makes life easier for fleet builders is an understatement.

Along with metrics, trucking software has to save fleet builders valuable time. Without trucking software, fleet builders spend hours tracking equipment maintenance and cash flow. When trucking software expedites the necessary day-to-day tasks that fleet builders face, that means it’s a resource they can’t afford to pass up.

Manage the Drivers

From dispatch to delivery to driver pay, trucking software simplifies a fleet manager’s job.

Trucking software stores customer and shipping information. Having that data automatically stored at the time that the dispatch is created lets the fleet manager share the details that drivers need. Without duplicating data, the driver has all the information they need. And in return, the fleet manager gets all the paperwork that every load creates:

  • mileage records
  • expense receipts
  • fuel purchast receipts
  • signed BOL.

Think about how much time and effort is spent on things like drivers pay and creating accurate invoices. Trucking software completes these tasks accurately and faster than a paid bookkeeper. Additionally, trucking software makes it easier to maintain and pull records in case of disputes. (No more storing paper files or worrying about misfiled or lost paper records.)

Daily Operations For Fleet Builders

Essentially, trucking software provides fleet managers with so many features that make daily operations easier. It’s hard to imagine how they could grow their fleets without it.

TruckingOffice is a software program developed with the idea of providing truckers with a one-stop solution. Common problems have simple solutions designed for the trucker and fleet manager. But TruckingOffice isn’t just for the solo owner-operator. Our system expands to serve the one-driver shop up to a large trucking firm. You can grow without paying for a software package with bells and whistles that you don’t want.

From tracking to accounting, fleet managers on the search for a trucking software capable of helping them scale their operations up should look no further than TruckingOffice. To find out if TruckingOffice is the solution for your trucking business start your free trial today.

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