Truck Tracking Software

Keep track of all your truck records for taxes and for maintenance. Never lose track of your files when something is expiring. Our truck tracking software can take your company’s profit margins to the next level by maximizing productivity, eliminating waste, and reducing expenses. Here are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you use this cutting-edge program from TruckingOffice:

  • The ability to reward your top drivers – The best trucking professionals do far more than just deliver a load from one place to another. They find the most efficient routes for transporting goods, stay on the road, and practice good work habits. Our truck tracking software enables you to recognize and reward the best drivers in your company, which can raise morale and productivity.
  • Discounts on fleet insurance – Most major insurers offer reduced rates for companies that use tracking software. Your savings could be as high as 35%. Think of how this benefit alone could slash costs and boost your bottom line.
  • Giving your customers the most accurate delivery times possible – Our GPS-based tracking software allows you to give your clients extremely accurate arrival times; this improves communication and helps avoid embarrassing errors that can cost you your customer’s good will.
  • Easy access to vital data that will enable you to maximize your efficiency – Eliminate time-wasting diversions by plotting the fastest possible routes to your customer’s facility. You’ll save on labor and fuel expenses while your client benefits from faster, more efficient service.
  • Staying competitive – When you don’t use tracking systems, it gives your competitors a substantial advantage. In these tough economic times, can you afford to let the other guy have an edge? GPS truck tracking software helps you stay in the game by enabling you to offer state-of-the-art service to your clients.
  • Staying organized – Our software puts all of your truck information in one place, allows you to sort loads by truck number, and alerts you when you need to renew plates and do inspections. All of this helps keep you organized for maintenance, taxes, DOT compliance, and so much more, without losing track of files or letting things expire.


  • Organize all your truck information
  • Sort all loads by truck number
  • Alerts when plates and inspections will expire


  • Learn which trucks are the most profitable
  • Organize and improve DOT compliance
  • Never forget when something is expiring