Our TruckingOffice truck log app can make every aspect of the ELD mandate easier for you and your business.

Many drivers have already made the change and found that the process of change was harder than using the ELD after the switch.  At TruckingOffice, we’ve been working to make that change as simple as possible.

Vehicle Integration Device:  Plug and Play

I’ve been checking out the competition.  There are a lot of truck log app options out there.  That gives you a lot of choices, but between you and me, there are a lot of bad choices out there.  What do those software companies know about trucking?  They may have looked at the government regulations and set up an app that does all those things, but how does this app work for the trucker on the road? 

TruckingOffice knows truckers.  I am a trucker.  I know what the life is like in a cab.  Ask me to put a black box with wires on my dashboard?  Forget it.  Give me an app with bells and whistles that’s too complicated and I’m going to walk away.

That’s why we picked the plug and play method for our ELD.  You plug in the vehicle integration device.  You download the app and enter your data.  That’s it.

Truck Log App on Your Phone

Despite this fact, we still come across drivers who worry about integrating technology into their fleet operations. In this post, we’d like to address a few of the common concerns we hear.

Concern Number One: A Truck App Will Infect My Devices With Viruses and Malware

It’s true that some apps can contain malware, but not TruckingOffice. You don’t have to worry about our software damaging your internet devices. It simply won’t happen.

Concern Number Two: A Truck App Will Allow Uncle Sam to Spy on Me

This is sheer fiction. No truck log app can give the government a bird’s eye view of how you run your business, nor will it give anyone the power to control your truck or spy on you while you’re driving. These kinds of stories make for great conspiracy novels, but they’re just not true.

Concern Number Three: A Truck App Is Hard to Learn

Again, we can’t speak for other apps, but TruckingOffice is designed for everyday folks, not computer geniuses. If you can point a mouse and use a keyboard, you already have all the tech skills you need to use our product on the website.  Our smartphone app is easy to use on your tablet, too.  We designed it to be simple.

Two Parts for One Solution

No black box.  No cables.  Just a plug and play device that will be easy to install.  An app that’s easy to download.  A website to let you see reports that can help you run your business better.

What else do you need?

Check out our free ELD buyers guide.  You’ll see what you need and how you can get it from the new TruckingOffice ELD.  Presales start soon, so get on our mailing lists for great offers to get you started as soon as possible.

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